Due to the crisis in the country, cardiologists threaten to stop working for two days

Due to the crisis in the country, cardiologists threaten to stop working for two days
Due to the crisis in the country, cardiologists threaten to stop working for two days

Stents will not be placed nor will angioplasties be performed, although emergencies will be attended to. The measure will take place on 13 and 14 August.

Interventional cardiologists in Argentina have announced that on August 13 and 14, stent placement and scheduled angioplasties will not be performed throughout the country. This measure, confirmed by authorities of the Argentine College of Interventional Cardioangiologists (CACI), is a response to the economic crisis facing the specialty, with low fees and a lack of essential supplies. Doctors have sent letters to the government and social security agencies seeking an urgent solution to prevent the deterioration of care.

Dr. Alfredo Bravo, vice president of CACI, clarified to Infobae that this protest will not affect medical emergencies, assuring that patients in critical condition will continue to be treated. His colleague, Dr. Juan Jose Fernandezstressed that this measure is a continuation of the warnings made a month and a half ago, when the seriousness of the situation had already been pointed out. Cardiologists hope that this warning will generate a quick and effective response from the authorities.

The adverse economic situation, marked by insufficient fees and the increase in the cost of supplies, has led the CACI to declare a state of emergency in the specialty. Professionals fear that the lack of action by the government and social security agencies will cause irreversible deterioration, compromising the ability of doctors to perform these critical practices. They have expressed that the delay in the delivery of supplies by prepaid and social security agencies increases the risk for patients.

If the crisis continues, interventional cardiologists warn that deaths from cardiovascular diseases, which are already the main cause of death, will increase in the country. The lack of adequate and timely treatment could lead to more complications and additional costs for the health system. Doctors urge authorities to intervene immediately to avoid a collapse in specialized care and protect the health of the population.

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