Externadistas enjoyed a wide range of workshops from Tu Bienestar

Externadistas enjoyed a wide range of workshops from Tu Bienestar
Externadistas enjoyed a wide range of workshops from Tu Bienestar

Published: July 4, 2024

University Wellbeing, under the leadership of its Identity and University Life area, presented a varied offer of courses and workshops so that Externadista students could enjoy the inter-semester period, while accumulating hours of Your Wellbeing.

Dance classes, clothing repair classes, yoga classes and mandala weaving classes were some of the proposals with which the Department captivated our young people, encouraging creativity, physical activity, sustainability and culture in them.

During the mandala weaving workshop, the students had an enriching experience in which they created pieces with authentic colors, while sharing reflections with teacher Paola Mora on how emotions are part of our feelings and how we can neutralize them.

“This workshop allowed us to learn the benefits of this fabric for the transformation of the being, as an active meditation that invites us to live better, in peace and tranquility,” said the teacher.

Furthermore, in accordance with the commitment of the University and Tu Bienestar to implement strategies and actions that contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, a clothing repair workshop was held, a recurring initiative in which SENA instructors and apprentices teach our Externado students to give clothing a second chance through their creative transformation.

These spaces of integration also allowed young people to immerse themselves in different cultures through dances representative of musical genres such as salsa, tango, reggaeton, among others.

Daniela Puerto, a social communication student, said that these moments of leisure allow everyone to recharge their energy and experience a moment of disconnection: “These spaces help us disconnect from the stress of everyday life. In addition, they allow us to obtain hours of well-being in a dynamic and fun way.”

We look forward to seeing you at the activities and events planned by Tu Bienestar for the second half of the year!

Live the U, live your well-being!

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