Mental health, longevity, HR issues that will impact companies and the country

In one of the panels at the 4th Health and Wellness Forum “The Return on Investing in Your People,” organized by Mercer Marsh Benefits, it was said that unfortunately anyone with a one-month course can become a wellness coach, or an emotional health coach, and suddenly they get lost in a topic, even a commercial one, where this lack of comprehensive vision does not allow them to really address the needs of their employees at 360 degrees, warned the regional leader of Workforce Health for LAC at Mercer Marsh Benefits, Ariel Almazán, whom we interviewed.

Mental health, longevity, HR issues that will impact companies and the country

“In this edition, there were four aspects of the current situation, such as mental health, which is on the rise, and longevity, among others.

“We are convinced that well-being must be addressed from a comprehensive perspective that encompasses at least four pillars: physical, mental, social and financial, and that is why every year we try to have great experts participate in the talks, leaders who are highly committed to health, well-being and the security of their organizations, whom we invite,” he said.

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He explained that they invite leaders to speak about relevant topics of each of these pillars. This year they talked about the barriers that exist in general, they talked about mental health, about how to generate a truly effective culture of health and well-being in companies, from a social point of view, and the financial issue seen through one of the challenges that today, in a projective way, we see that will generate an impact at a social level and at an organizational level: the longevity of the working population.

“Today we have increasingly older people, and even due to regulations that are in the process of being approved that require companies to have a defined percentage of people over 60 years old working in their organizations,” shared the interviewee.

What are we going to do with the well-being of these people? What are we going to do with the financial well-being of younger generations where there is no savings culture, where they do not have access to a pension when they retire? These are social impacts or risks that, as Mercer March Benefits, we are anticipating and want to manage appropriately.

“Taking care of the health and well-being of employees in organizations is of vital importance. When we care about their well-being, we show them that they are valuable and that translates into greater commitment and productivity. By investing in wellness programs, we create a healthy work environment and foster a culture of mutual support. By prioritizing their physical, mental, social and financial health, we help them find satisfaction in their work, improve their quality of life and be more resilient,” said Ariel Almazán, Regional Workforce Health Leader for LAC at Mercer Marsh Benefits

Among the recommendations that experts shared with those present and those in charge of integrating wellness and mental health programs in organizations are:

*Encourage open and transparent communication: Prioritize an environment in which employees feel comfortable sharing their concerns and needs related to well-being and mental health.

*Design personalized programs: Recognize that each individual has different needs and preferences in terms of well-being and mental health. Offer options and resources that adapt to the individual needs of employees.

*Train leaders: Provide leaders in the organization with the skills and knowledge needed to support and promote mental health and wellbeing in their teams. This includes training in identifying warning signs and managing difficult situations.

On the other hand, there was an opportunity to understand that longevity in Mexico presents opportunities and challenges for organizations. According to statistical data, life expectancy has increased to around 75 years, which implies a working life of approximately 40 years; in addition, there has been an increase in the participation of people over 60 years of age in the workforce.

However, approximately 60% of Mexicans lack a financial plan for retirement. These data highlight the importance of adapting inclusive policies and promoting financial education to take advantage of the potential of older workers and face the economic challenges associated with longevity.

“By providing resources and tools for their well-being, we help employees balance their work and personal lives, which in turn helps retain talent and attract new professionals who are looking for a healthy environment. Taking care of the health and well-being of employees is not only the right thing to do ethically, but also a smart strategy for the long-term success of the organization,” Almazán shared.

He Mercer Marsh Health & Wellness Forum 2024 Benefits It has become a relevant space to learn and obtain valuable information from renowned experts on how to implement effective wellness programs in organizations that allow improving working conditions, an aspect that is currently decisive for the optimal development of companies and their workforce.

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