The industrial designer who creates spaces of creative well-being through art

This is Paula Fernanda Triviño Martínez, the entrepreneur behind “Soar Somos Arte”.

Photo: Soar We Are Art

“So far I have achieved many of the goals I have set for myself. Soar Somos Arte is a pioneer in the country in the business model we generate, we open the market so that today there are many more ventures in this sector with different ideas. One of the most gratifying things is being able to see how people have begun to understand that well-being should be a priority in their day.

We develop creative experiences such as Artpets, ArtBrunch or ArtPicnic, among others, proving that art is a tool to nourish our mind and emotions. In addition, to date we have managed to raise awareness among companies about the importance of well-being in their workers, taking them out of their routine

1. How old am I? What did I study?

39 years old, Industrial Design and I have a specialization in Marketing.

2. What was my idea and when was it born? What did I create?

My idea was born seven years ago. I wanted to create a space with the premise of disconnecting in order to connect, where people could free themselves from their worries and stress, activating their creative self through art.

This is how I gave life to Soar We Are Arta creative wellness space, where different experiences are lived that bring people closer to their creative side and that take place in different restaurants and spaces to provide them with a 360 experience, with the aim of dedicating some time to themselves and exploring a different activity, which we call “Disconnect to connect” and where we learn to enjoy the process by being truly present.

Six years ago I focused on landing this idea, and for a year I developed the brand, the buyer persona, the brand values ​​and guidelines that I wanted it to have. During this time I also worked personally on believing in myself and my ideas and learning to trust, in order to make it a reality.

3. How did I manage to make it a reality and put it into practice?

To make it a reality, I focused on creating a welcoming and accessible environment for everyone, regardless of their previous experience with art. I designed canvas painting and ceramics workshops that were easy and entertaining. My experience in event development was key to structuring and organizing the experiences. SoarMy perseverance and passion for creativity and well-being were fundamental in this process.

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4. Where did I get the money to get it going and how did I pay for it?

Initially, I used my personal savings to start my project. Then, I reinvested the profits from the first workshops to finance the growth and expansion of the project.

5. What am I achieving with my venture? What am I changing with my idea?

Through my business, I am helping people take time for themselves, relax and discover the therapeutic benefits of art. I am changing the perception that art is only for a few, showing that everyone can be creative.

6. Am I happy?

Yes, I am very happy. Seeing how people connect with themselves and with others through art is very rewarding and shows me that I am fulfilling my purpose and the goals I set when I conceived my idea.

7. Would I sell my business, my company?

At this time, I have no plans to sell my company because it is a very important part of my life, my purpose and my passions.

8. How hard was it for me to start my own business?

Entrepreneurship has been a very enriching path, although there are some challenges on a professional level, growth on a personal level is invaluable, what I have learned most is to believe in myself and to be very resilient, each challenge has taught me valuable lessons and has made me stronger.

9. Did I fulfill my dream? What do I need?

Yes, I have fulfilled my dream of creating a space where people can disconnect and connect with their creativity and get closer to art. There is always room to grow and improve, so I would like to expand my idea to more cities and countries, creating new lines of business within the brand.

10. What now? What’s next?

The next step is to continue innovating our experiences and exploring new forms of art and creativity. I also want to strengthen our digital presence to reach a wider audience.

11. Is my business scalable?

Yes, it is scalable. Art workshops and creative experiences can be replicated in different locations and formats, both in-person and virtual.

12. In order to grow, would I accept investment from a stranger? Would I give them part of my company?

For now, it is not in my plans. I would perhaps consider receiving investment if the investor’s terms and vision are aligned with the values ​​of my brand. I would also evaluate, beyond the financial investment, what this person can contribute to me in terms of knowledge.

13. What would you not do again?

I would never again underestimate the importance of non-disclosure agreements, and I would be very selective about the people I choose to work with.

14. Who inspired me? Who would I like to follow?

My biggest inspiration is my dog ​​Coco. I really admire the way animals live, the simplicity of their actions, their transparency, their way of living completely present and the love they give us. Among famous artists, I admire Van Gogh, for his way of using art as therapy.

15. Did I fail at any point? Did I think about throwing in the towel?

I have gone through moments of discouragement, where I stopped believing in myself and underestimated my abilities. But the passion for my project and the support of my family and team helped me to keep going.

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16. Am I part of any kind of community that helps me on this entrepreneurial path?


17. Does what I am doing transcend? Will it impact new generations?

Yes, I am sure that what we are doing has a lasting impact. By fostering creativity and wellbeing through art, we are helping people develop positive skills and habits that can benefit future generations.

18. How do I see myself in 10 years and how do I see my business, my company, in the future?

In 10 years, I see myself leading a growing company that is recognized nationally and internationally. I want my business to be a benchmark for creativity and well-being through art, for everyone.

19. What role have my family and friends played?

My family and friends have played a fundamental role in my success. They have been my emotional support network and, in many cases, have also collaborated in operational and promotional aspects of my business.

20. I did it. Would you help other entrepreneurs do it?

I am definitely a believer in the power of collaboration and mutual support. I would be delighted to support other entrepreneurs on their journey.

21. What role did my team play? Who is it?

My team has been significant for the success of my venture. It is made up of six visual artists, two students of Graphic Design and Administration, and two representatives in the cities of Medellín and Cali, all passionate about art and creativity.

22. What is my personal seal? What makes me different from the rest?

My personal touch is the combination of my background in industrial design and marketing with my passion for creativity and well-being. This allows me to offer creative well-being experiences with enriching and different content, entertaining and beneficial for everyone.

23. What have I learned from all this?

I have learned that I must trust in my abilities and believe in myself. That perseverance and passion are essential for success. I have also learned the importance of adaptability and constant innovation in the world of entrepreneurship. Today Soar We are art It is in four cities, has a team of ten people and we have worked with more than 30 companies providing creative wellness experiences.

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