The Government deregulated the co-insurance of prepaid medicine

Although co-insurance has been in effect for years,The deregulation of the private medical sector has increased the relevance and concern that was had about them.

Increase in prepaid medicine.

Coinsurance is a financing mechanism that allows prepaid medical companies to charge their members a portion of the cost of medical services.

Unlike Medical plus, which is an illegal practice where professionals charge additionally outside of established systemsCoinsurance is a regulated and transparent figure that is applied at various levels of care.

What will happen with price liberalization?

With the liberation of prices, for meMany members have the same question: how much will be paid?

“The general expectation is that lPrivate medical companies are going to use this tool as part of their competition policy. There are companies that will charge, that will readjust and that will maintain the co-insurance levels. Each company will decide what to do with this freedom granted by the ministry for the collection of these benefits.” said Mario Koltan, president of Boreal Salud, a prepaid medical company.

It should be noted that there are several benefits exempt from coinsurance charges, such as preventive dentistry, cervical and breast cancer, sexual and reproductive health, oncology, disability, maternal and child plan, emergencies, nursing practices, HIV, viral hepatitis and other benefits such as organ transplants.

These exceptions ensure that essential services remain accessible to all members, regardless of each company’s pricing policy.

How can members be affected?

“The liberation of the The price of co-insurance is a measure that directly impacts the pockets of those affiliated with prepaid medicine and social works. It is important that users are informed about the new co-insurance prices of their medical company before making any payment. In addition, it is advisable to compare different plans and choose the option that best suits their needs and budget,” added Boreal Salud.

Without a doubt, lThe quality of medical services should not be affected by this measure. Members must demand that their prepaid medical companies provide a quality service that meets their needs and expectations.

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