The story behind the Indios Verdes tamalera

The tamalera from Indios Verdes, Anabel Gómez López / Real horror stories.

Learn the story of Anabel Gómez, also known as the tamalera of Indios Verdes, becoming part of a Mexican legend.

The horror kitchen of the Indios Verdes tamalera turned her into a Mexican legend that was born from the red note of the time.

Can you imagine having bought for years tamales made from human meat? The regular customers of Anabel Gomez Lopez They couldn’t believe it when they came across the truth in a newspaper clipping in the red note section. We tell you everything about the legend of the Indios Verdes tamalera.

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Who is Anabel Gómez, the tamalera of Indios Verdes?

Anabel Gomez Lopez He sold meat tamales outside the train station. Green Indians metro. With a flow of average people at his stall every day, one day, lacking money and finding a lost girl on the street, he took her to his house and murdered her to use her meat as the filling for his tamales, which began to cause success and praise among your diners.

human meat tamales

Anabel Gómez sold human meat tamales

Given what happened, the Indios Verdes tamalera She was unable to stop her misdeeds until 2017 when she was arrested by agents of the PGJ (Attorney General’s Office of CDMX), after a gas leak in her apartment raised suspicions among her neighbors.

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What happened to Anabel Gómez?

Upon entering their house they noticed not only the smell of gas but also of rotting meat. Anabel Gomez confessed to have killed more than 50 women to sell their tamales and thus save a few pesos. On charges of murder and harm to public health, she was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

And you little Chilanga band, do you remember this Mexican urban legend?

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