The Royal House of Denmark responds to the photographs of Prince Frederick and Genoveva Casanova

The Royal House of Denmark responds to the photographs of Prince Frederick and Genoveva Casanova
The Royal House of Denmark responds to the photographs of Prince Frederick and Genoveva Casanova

It’s the news of the fall. Lecturas magazine exclusively publishes some images of Genoveva Casanova (47 years old) and Prince Federico (55 years old) on a visit that the Dane made to our country. For this reason, the Royal House of Denmark has spoken out on the matter by issuing a statement through his press office to talk about what happened.

“We have had a policy for years of do not comment or confirm any details related to private matters. Furthermore, we would like to emphasize our commitment to respecting the privacy of members of the Royal Family, including the Crown Prince,” he says in the text issued to the press.

The details of the meeting between Genoveva Casanova and Prince Federico

On Tuesday afternoon, several programs have echoed this Readings news and have spoken about it in their social gatherings. At Telecinco they also had the presence of Luis Pliego, the director of the magazine Lecturas, who has given many details of the information What does he have about this meeting between Cayetano Martínez de Irujo’s ex and the crown prince of Denmark.

“Mary Donaldson was in New York making a speech while he was in Madrid with Genoveva Casanova,” Luis revealed in ‘TardeAR’. In this way, I already anticipated that what they were up to was not only an information bomb regarding our country, but that it would be at an international level due to everything it implies, also considering that the Spanish monarchs are precisely in Copenhagen. on a state trip.

“I can tell you that right now It’s the news of the moment. “Those 12 hours that Federico of Denmark and Genoveva Casanova spent together,” he continued. “12 very intimate hours, very close together and doing things that only two people who know each other very well do together. They have been together in Madrid, in the afternoon, at night… and they have even gone in and out of restaurants and, later I will tell you where else,” he continued on the Telecinco program.


The plans of Genevieve and Prince Frederick

As Luis Pliego revealed exclusively for the program presented by Ana Rosa Quintana, Genoveva and Federico spent October 25 together. First they walked through the El Retiro Park, from which they saw them leaving through the doors around seven in the afternoon. From there, they left in a car that would have taken them both to the apartment that the Mexican woman has in the Jerónimos neighborhood. “They entered separately, but left together”, assures Luis. They spent about two hours inside the home but the most surprising thing of all was that they saw them leave with different clothes than the ones they were wearing.


After that they went to a flamenco tablao. “There they don’t mix with the rest of the customers and they are in a booth with a curtain and a waiter at the entrance,” she confirms. According to Luis, he stays at the place until approximately one in the morning, where they take a car again that takes them to her house again. “The photographers who follow them stand guard in front of Genoveva’s house and spend the whole night in the car and at 8:30 sharp, Frederick of Denmark leaves the house with a small suitcase and is picked up by an official car from the Danish embassy that It takes you to T4, to the private flights part,” he concludes.

Prince Frederick’s scandals

This is not the first time Queen Margaret’s son is involved in a controversy. The Danish heir to the Crown used to be a lover and the girlfriends he had were not very much to his mother’s liking. However, at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000 he crossed paths with Mary Donaldson, the woman with whom he has now shared his life for 23 years.

When he was in his twenties, a scandal shook the Danish Royal House. Federico had a model as a girlfriend, Malou Aamund. Apparently he didn’t like her profession, but he didn’t like what happened on New Year’s Eve in 1992, when she was arrested for driving his car while intoxicated. Since then, He is known as the ‘turbo’ prince and the matter even reached Parliament where they asked him to resign as heir.

The Danish monarchs decided to send their son to Harvard to keep him away from all the media focus that had arisen at that time. However, Federico had another girlfriend who was also dedicated to the world of modeling, this time in underwear.. Katja Storkholm was also not liked by the kings of the Nordic country and that is why after a year and a half of dating, she ended up ending this love story.

But after these models, a new romantic relationship arrived and this time from the world of entertainment. In 1999 he was associated with María Montell, a singer who at first seemed to have the approval of the family. having distanced himself from all the controversies of the moment. Although he was now more adult than in the previous relationships he had had, this story only lasted a year and it seems that the end was caused, once again, by the prince’s family.

However, calm seemed to be yet to come and it was not going to take long, since only A year later at the Sydney Olympics he would meet Mary Donaldson. There are two theories about how they met. The first of them says that they meet in a pub drinking beers in the most casual way in the world. The second is the one offered by her environment, something much more formal, in which she is invited to a dinner where members of royalty were present.

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