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Inside the story of the manga written and illustrated by Cool-kyou ShinjaKobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)”, the character of Lucoa is quite popular for being in itself a reference to Quetzalcoatla divinity present in the mythology of numerous pre-Hispanic peoples of Mesoamerica.

Here, Lucoa is an ancient goddess, who is later stripped of her divinity after consuming a cursed liquor that a friend had given her, which led to a scandalous affair with her sister. However, he claims to be responsible for the development of civilization despite no longer holding any title as a deity.

The “incident” with his sister had been an event about which not many details had been revealed, until the most recent chapter of the sleeve. This new chapter finally showed Quetzalpetlatl, Lucoa’s younger sister who prefers to be called simply “Petla.” This name is not invented, but is referenced in multiple manuscripts from ancient Mexico, where the story of incest is also told where Quetzalcoatl, quite drunk, abused his younger sister.

Petla appeared before Shouta Magatsuchi, Lucoa’s “master,” and demanded to receive the same attention as her older sister. We finally got to see the design of this enigmatic character, with huge tits but a much calmer appearance than her sister, although evidently with her own charm.


And it was clear that the introduction of a new character, with such an interesting background, It was not going to go unnoticed by fans of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon:

  • «So, was Petla the one who got Lucoa drunk? Or was she just raped by her? I don’t understand, it seems that Petla is much more perverted than her sister».
  • «It’s a shame that Shouta is still too young to experience paradise.».
  • «Shouta is living every man’s dream, but he still doesn’t realize it».
  • «It would be a completely different story if Shouta was already 17 years old.».
  • «I’m quite confused, has Lucoa always been sexually harassing Shouta? I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just thought she did it to joke with him.».
  • «I have no idea how big they are, but Lucoa’s sister has some impressive tits. I guess it’s something that’s in the genes, like Uzaki-chan’s family».
  • «I really hope his sister doesn’t fall in love with Shouta. Nobody wants to see shotacon in this type of manga».
  • «This is very exciting! I hope they reconcile in this new arc, Lucoa deserves to win back her sister’s love!».


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