Princess Diana’s passion for Julio Iglesias, reality or fiction? We ‘fact-check’ ‘The Crown’

Princess Diana’s passion for Julio Iglesias, reality or fiction? We ‘fact-check’ ‘The Crown’
Princess Diana’s passion for Julio Iglesias, reality or fiction? We ‘fact-check’ ‘The Crown’

In the third episode of the sixth season of The Crown, Dodi Al Fayed proposes to Diana of Wales. It is something that has never been proven to have really happened, although it has been proven that just before the accident that ended their lives, he had bought her a luxurious ring valued at more than 11,500 pounds from the time with the inscription “Dis-Moi Oui” (the title of the episode, which translates as “tell me yes”).

In this scene, Dodi, played by actor Khalid Abdalla, decides to play some music. “It’s your favorite, Julio Iglesias,” he says, while it rings When You Tell Me That You Love Me, the song in English that the Spanish artist sang in a duet with Dolly Parton. Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki, looks at him with a circumspect expression before changing it to one of alarm when she notices that he is kneeling with a ring in his hands.

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That Al Fayed in fiction believed that Julio Iglesias was one of the favorite singers of the woman he wanted to marry seems more like a resource that comes out of your sleeve Peter Morgan, the creator and main writer of the series, to tell us that Dodi barely knew the real Diana.

As far as it is known, Lady Di did not feel a special affinity for the songs of the author of Life goes on nor did I have a connection with him. However, it is known that one of her favorite groups was always Duran Duran, something that she herself reflects. The Crown when he brings out a young Diana, then played by Emma Corrin, touring the palace rooms on skates while listening Girls on Film on your Walkman.

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Diana of Wales, greeting members of Duran Duran in the early 1980s.

The members of the British band also revealed last year that William and Harry told them that they used to sing Wild Boys whenever they were driving with their mother when they were little, since it was their favorite Duran Duran song.

She was also devoted to Lionel Richie, As the artist himself revealed during a concert he gave in 2015 and in which Lady Di’s eldest son was present: “Many years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Princess Diana and tonight we have Prince William here. It’s a pleasure to be with all of you today, but especially with this gentleman. I still remember how his mother came up to me and said, ‘my favorite song is Hello’.

There are no known testimonies, either from themselves or from those around them, that demonstrate that there was a similar connection between the late princess and Julio Iglesias. In fact, of the entire British royal family, the only one who at any time showed a liking for the songs of the Spanish singer was the Queen Mother, Isabel Bowes-Lyon.

As detailed in 2021 in a magazine podcast Hello!In November 1988, the widow of King George VI attended a concert with her daughter, Princess Margaret, at the Palladium Theater in London on the occasion of the Royal Variety Charity, an annual charity gala that always features important representatives of the royalty among his assistants.

Among the artists invited to perform were Kylie Minogue and Julio Iglesias, something that Bowes-Lyon herself knew, and she specifically asked to go down to the dressing room to greet him before her performance.

“The Queen Mother came to greet Julio in the dressing room. She was a loving, pragmatic woman, a great lady. She was with her escort, but when she left her dressing room she soon turned around and said to me: ‘Oh, excuse me! “I forgot to ask Mr. Iglesias to sing ‘Begin the Beguine’ because it is a song that my husband loved,” the well-known commissioner revealed in the aforementioned podcast. Joaquín Domingo Martorellclosely linked to Iglesias because a few years before he was decisive in solving the kidnapping of his father.

The singer He had not initially planned to include that Cole Porter song in his repertoire, but he decided to change his plans at the last minute and, according to Martorell, his performance moved the Queen Mother so much that she ended up standing up with tears in her eyes.

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