Salinas Pliego reveals winners of double tickets for Luis Miguel concerts in CDMX

Ricardo Salinas Pliego He started the day with good news for his followers. Through your account Twitternow X, revealed the list of people who will get a double ticket to see Luis Miguel at the Mexico City Arena.

The interpreter of “Now you can leave” will offer seven concerts at said venue. A few hours after the sale began, tickets were sold out, leaving thousands of fans worried about seeing their idol.

However, on May 15, Salinas Pliego announced on his official profile that in total he will give away 100 tickets for the singer’s shows. And this weekend he revealed the list with the first winners.

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“As I promised, this weekend I’m going to give you one of my suites for the concert on Monday the 20th and Tuesday the 21st at the Mexico City Arena,” Salinas Pliego announced as part of the dynamic to win the tickets.

To participate, interested parties had to register on the page Win with Uncle Richie and enter your email. He also asked to RT and add a comment to the post.

“It is a suite with 12 places per concert, that is, six double tickets for those who bring a companion. “I am going to lend you my suite for ALL the concerts at the Arena, so you have many opportunities,” he explained to his more than 1.7 million followers. followers.

During the morning of this November 20, taking advantage of the fact that it is the last day of Buen Fin 2023, Salinas Pliego shared the names of the winners of the double tickets for Luismi’s 2023-2024 Tour.

“Well, I already had breakfast, last day of #BuenFin2023 so let’s start the day by giving away more DOUBLE tickets from my suite to go see Luis Miguel at the @ArenaCdMexico,” the tycoon wrote in a tweet.

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According to the information published in the businessman’s profile last November 19ththe first winners of the double tickets were:

  • Xóchitl Pineda Ávila del Edo. Mex.
  • Yanín Bustamante Islands of Edo. Mex.
  • Mayté Castelán Hernández de Hidalgo.
  • Angélica Solís Castro de Morelos
  • Claudia Alvarado Rodríguez from CDMX
  • Lizbeth Aguirre Ávila from CDMX

Meanwhile, this Monday’s winners November 20 are:

  • Diana Elizabeth from Gante Ibarra from CDMX.
  • Miguel Ángel Silverio Santiago @MiguelSantiagos from CDMX.
  • Noemi Ramón Zárate @nramonz from CDMX.
  • David Ortega Aguirre from Toluca, Edo. Mex.
  • Jessica Suárez Suárez from Cuautitlán, Edo. Mex.
  • Oscar Amin Moreno Lojero from Coacalco, Edo. Mex.
  • Cesar Ramírez Serrano from CDMX.
  • Barbara Díaz Morales, from CDMX.
  • Rosa María Noriega Vargas @rn21870 from CDMX.
  • Abraham Gómez Carvajal from Cuautla, Morelos.
  • Alfredo Acevedo from CDMX.
  • José Eduardo Cruz Ramírez from CDMX.

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