BTS memes that you should send to your friend if she fell in love with your bias

In the fandom of bts There are two types of ARMYs, those who have no problem sharing love with each other. bias and those who are very jealous and exclusive with their favorite member. If you are part of the second group and a few hours ago your best friend revealed to you that she is in love with your most beloved idol, communication can be left aside and simply share a meme to mark your limits.

bts is the group of K-Pop most famous in the world, each of its releases is a success and the members continue to stand out despite stopping their group activities due to the start of military service. Since their popularity is too much and there is no social network that escapes talking about them, it is common that your close circle of friends now know more about the members.

This also includes your best friend who daily listens to you talk about the band that caused her interest, to the point of probably falling in love with your bias. For those cases, there is nothing better than a meme You can express your emotions about it and if you want to draw the line of exclusivity with your favorite idol, here we leave you the best images.

The warlike BTS memes to send to that one who calls herself your friend but fell in love with your bias

A surprised Jimin

The revelation of the news that your friend is interested in you bias It is quite surprising and can throw you off. If this is your case then do not hesitate to send him this meme where you show your ignorance and a little annoyance about it.

Credits: Wattpad image taken from Pinterest

A worried Jungkook

If you are not afraid of what people will say and want to show that you are really angry and worried by sharing your biasthis meme Jungkook’s is perfect for the situation. Simply with his face and facial features you will imply that you do not agree with that decision.

Credits: Wattpad image taken from Pinterest

A “sweeper” RM

The famous action known in Mexico of “sweeping” the other person, or rather looking from head to toe with intentions of envy, is a good response to mark territory with your favorite member of the group. bts. Just as we see in meme of the group leader where the annoyance is visible in the eyes.

memes if your friend likes your BTS bias
Credits: Wattpad image taken from Pinterest

An annoying and serious V

Another of the memes what you can use in case you friend is interested in your favorite member, because we simply observe V concentrated on his cell phone but with an annoyed face, as if he had heard your BFF’s unfortunate comments.

BTS memes if your friend likes your bias
Credits: Wattpad image taken from Pinterest

A SUGA on the attack

Already in serious cases, when the intensity of your BFF for your bias is too much and uncontrollable, you can resort to a powerful and somewhat violent meme. Here we see SUGA with his katana as a sign of absolute repudiation at the news of sharing a member of the group.

memes if your friend likes your BTS bias
Credits: Wattpad image taken from Pinterest

What is the least chosen BTS bias?

Currently each of the members of bts They have a large number of fans around the world who constantly support them and show their affection on social networks. Know which member is the least chosen as bias It is a difficult answer to find but based on the numbers of followers they have on their Instagram accounts, RM would be the least chosen as he only has 44 million compared to V with 62 million.

However, it is known that in the beginning of the group the least chosen member was Jungkook because his personality was too shy for being the youngest. Clearly with the passage of time this situation changed and now he is one of the most preferred among many fans. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more news about your favorite bands.

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