Exatlón 2023: who is Aurélie Garzonio, the fitness girl who broke Paulette Gallardo’s heart

Exatlón 2023: who is Aurélie Garzonio, the fitness girl who broke Paulette Gallardo’s heart
Exatlón 2023: who is Aurélie Garzonio, the fitness girl who broke Paulette Gallardo’s heart

Paulette Gallardo, known for her participation in Reto 4 Elementos, faced a hard emotional blow. At Exatlón 2023, a fitness girl entered her life and subsequently broke her heart. This story of love and heartbreak, involving the soccer player and businesswoman, has captured the public’s attention. Discover who this woman is who marked Paulette’s life, her story and how it affected her relationship.

Who is Paulette Gallardo’s ex?

Aurélie Garzonioknown as the “White Panther”, is a French model and television presenter who has made a career in Mexico. Born on January 5, 1985 in Montpellier, France, she moved to Mexico City more than 10 years ago. In addition to her career as a model, Garzonio has distinguished herself as a host and fitness trainer on shows such as TDN and “HOY.”

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Aurélie Garzonio is famous on social networks. Instagram: @aurelie.oficial

Her relationship with Gallardo began on the set of the Televisa program, Guerreros, where they both participated. In Aurélie’s own words, it was “love at first sight.” However, at the time, Paulette had a girlfriend. Despite everything, Garzonio decided to follow her feelings and traveled to Tijuana to confess her love for Gallardo at a hot dog stand. Since then, her story has captured the public’s interest by becoming a symbol of love and tolerance for same-sex couples.

Why the relationship between Paulette and Aurélie ended

The relationship between Paulette and Aurélie, full of love and mutual support, came to an end for reasons that have not been completely clear to the public. Various rumors and speculations have circulated on social networks and the press. However, what is certain is that the separation had a significant emotional impact on both of them.

Paulette, in an interview, asked her followers to no longer question her relationship with Aurélie, demonstrating the difficulty she has had in dealing with the breakup. Instead, Aurélie has kept a lower profile regarding this issue, focusing on her professional career and her personal well-being.

The end of their relationship marked a before and after in the lives of these two women, who have had to rebuild their lives and move on after this difficult experience. And now with Paulette Gallardo as one of the most promising athletes of this season of Exatlón México 2023, her heart shows the wounds of that love that has not yet completely disappeared from her mind and heart. Could this emotional change in Paulette make her lower her level in competitions?

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