Silvestre Dangond talks about his retirement from music

Silvestre Dangond talks about his retirement from music
Silvestre Dangond talks about his retirement from music

Silvestre Dangond, who had temporarily retired in December 2022, nine months later the Colombian returned to the stage with more strength and with his energy recharged with the intention of reconnecting with the public. The famous interpreter of the vallenato genre will release a new album to celebrate in style.

The Colombian pointed out that what he learned during his break “is that the day I stop again, it will be to retire completely. It hasn’t been easy to come back,” he revealed in an interview for El Tiempo.

“There were nine months of total disconnection for the interpreter of La colegiala, a time that he took for an absolute rest: “In this time there has been, without exaggeration, an absolute disconnection, because there is something that I will take to the grave, which is the talent with my vallenato music. Well, before making the decision to stop, I had many songs chosen from Ta’ malo (…) album that I made very relaxed. The truth is that it was a break in which I got used to not being in the industry. Now that I was in Valledupar I realized that there was a total disconnection, and meeting my audience again comforts my soul and my spirit, because that is my universe,” Dangond confessed to El Heraldo newspaper.

The singer’s latest work is titled “Ta’ malo”, which can now be found on all musical platforms. This new album has 15 songs, some of his own and others with composers in the genre such as Fabian Corrales, Iván Calderón and Wilfran Castillo. Likewise, he explained that the name of this new album is due to all the criticism he received with his previous albums.

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