La Jornada – Luis Miguel delivers himself to his audience at the CDMX Arena

La Jornada – Luis Miguel delivers himself to his audience at the CDMX Arena
La Jornada – Luis Miguel delivers himself to his audience at the CDMX Arena

City from Mexico. Punctual, sober, elegant, generous as ever before that audience that is the support of his professional life, Luis Miguel sang again in Mexico City, his bastion, on Monday night, after 5 years of media and economic storms and personal events that kept him away from the stage and even ended his career.

It is not only a phoenix that is reborn from its ashes. The singer, thanks to that gift that nestles in his throat and his duende (“mysterious and ineffable charm”), is at 53 years old one of the great popular idols of Mexico, perhaps the only one who has the luxury of earning millions. of dollars that he craves per show despite the fact that since 2010 he has not released an album with unreleased songs. Statistics buffs calculate that during this tour that he is making history in the world of entertainment, he is paid around 100 thousand dollars per minute of singing.

“Luismi is worth it,” say his followers, women, men, of all ages and social strata, all of whom have paid more than 9 thousand pesos tonight for a place close to the stage to sing his emblematic songs with their idol: YesIt was that you don’t love me, Guilty or not; Until you forget me.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin and the Sirens of Odysseus would be perplexed by the enchantment that the voice and figure of Luis Miguel provokes in the more than 22 thousand souls that fill the Mexico City Arena in the first of the 7 concerts in this place, all connected for bracelets that flash lights to accompany the show.

The artist looks radiant, whole, he lets out a “long live Mexico!”, he sings with Michael Jackson, with Frank Sinatra. He shows videos of his childhood, takes a selfie with his followers. The audience needs nothing more to, in ecstasy, establish a unique connection.

There are many young people in their twenties accompanied by their parents, not just chilangos. From all corners of the country, buses from Mexicali or Veracruz arrived at the event, full of worshipers of Luismi.

Sun He shows off his good physical condition dancing from one end of the stage to the other and, above all, he shows off all his vocal ranges in the boleros that are the delight of the concert: Beneath the table, I don’t know you, Como yo te amé, Solomente once, Us, songs that no longer belong to Los Panchos or Armando Manzanero, their original interpreters, but to these new generations who rediscovered them in the nineties in the voice of Luismi.

The closing of the concert is an incandescent volcano with the songs that in the mid-80s marked the foray of the boy Luis Miguel into showbiz: You can’t leave me like this and Word of honor, and of course the anthem of the faithful present: The unconditional.

With just over 35 songs, including the presence of the mariachi to accompany the performance of The Bikina and The Half Turn, Almost two hours of concert conclude in which Luis Miguel and his audience confirmed that they are a single entity that does not exist without each other, in an exchange of music and veneration that will still give a lot to talk about. Long live the Sun King.

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