By decision of his family: the important figure who would slam the door on América TV

For a few days now, America TV is in the center of attention due to the changes that were announced in the content grid. The media’s objective is not only to try to improve its rating, but also to make cuts to its budget, which is why they made the decision to cancel or pause some cycles.

Among the programs that could be on the Square channel’s list is “American Breakfast,” commented Marina Calabro on Radio Miter. The cycle is led by Pamela David, partner of Daniel Vila, owner of America TV and a great friend of Sergio Massa, and focuses on commenting on news that is trending in different sources of information.

“American Breakfast” could go off the air.

Now, the Ratinglucca Twitter account He assured that the defeat of the economy minister in the presidential elections would be the event that would confirm the exit of the cycle. While waiting for Pamela David’s statements on the subject, others raise the idea that Karina Mazzoco be her replacement on the screen.

David is married to Daniel Vila.

The adjustments in América TV

Calabró confirmed that the channel plans to pause “A la afternoon.” The idea is that Mazzoco and her production take a vacation period in the first quarter of 2024. During that time, “Intrusos” and “DDM” will adjust their on-screen schedules to cover the journalist’s absence until what will happen is defined. with the cycle.

Later, Jorge Lanata’s collaborator explained that she had the opportunity to speak with several executives of the channel, even with Marcelo Tinelli, who gave them contradictory versions of the future of the program. While some assured that it was indeed a pause, others pointed out that the end would be confirmed in December, which caused inconvenience to shareholders due to the controversies that their team was involved in throughout this year.

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