Milena Zárate comments on Marcelo Tinelli’s relationship with Milett Figueroa: “He is taking advantage of it”

Milena Zárate comments on Marcelo Tinelli’s relationship with Milett Figueroa: “He is taking advantage of it”
Milena Zárate comments on Marcelo Tinelli’s relationship with Milett Figueroa: “He is taking advantage of it”

Milena Zárate affirms that Marcelo Tinelli is Milett Figueroa’s great springboard. (Composition: Infobae)

The confirmed relationship between the prominent Argentine host Marcelo Tinelli and the Peruvian model Milett Figueroa continues to be a topic of conversation in local entertainment, and the singer Milena Zarate He did not skimp on expressing his always controversial opinions in an interview for a well-known newspaper. What did she say?

According to the Colombian, the former member of the now defunct reality show ‘Combat’ She has a clear vision, knows exactly what she wants and considers that being with the Argentine heartthrob is a way to consolidate her artistic career in that country. As is known, the model is currently competing in the reality show “Dancing 2023” and appears as one of the favorites to win the season.

“They say that there is no age for love, but the question would be, is there love here? I think Milett is not a child, she knows how to cross the road alone, and even though she is younger, I think that while he goes, she comes and goes. She is clear, she knows what she wants and being with Tinelli is ensuring her career there. With what I have heard about him, I might think that Milett is his ‘little whim’ of the moment, but only time will tell,” the colocha initially said.

Milett Figueroa dazzled on the red carpet at the event held by Caras Magazine from Argentina. (Photo: IG Capture)

In that context, Milena ZarateGreysi Ortega’s sister, has closely followed the love story between the driver Marcelo Tinelli and Milett Figueroawhich was created in the scenarios of “Dancing 2023”. The singer has observed that since the beginning of the Peruvian’s participation, both have shown notable interest.

“They are not going to tell me that there was love from the first moment they met. There was desire from the beginning, there was. In the end, they are both single and can do what they want best,” said Edwin Sierra’s ex-partner for Trome.

Finally, the Colombian does not doubt the talent of the former reality girl. “In this case, Milett has something to offer. Squeezing out old people is staying stuck, waiting for the old man to give you everything. I think Milett has prepared herself as an actress and she is very talented. Tinelli is a great springboard and she is taking advantage of it. He is not ugly either, he has the attractiveness of him, he is quite interesting and he does not even show how old he is,” she concluded.

Marcelo Tinelli avoided a kiss from Milett Figueroa behind the scenes of the official photos of ‘Caras’ magazine. | Capture video @revistacaras

Recently, Mrs. Marthita Valcárcelmother of Milett Figueroa, She participated in María Pía Copello’s program “Mande qué Mande” and reacted live to the kiss that her daughter shared with the Argentine presenter. Marcelo Tinelli in the latest edition of “Dancing 2023”. As has been recalled, Marcelo and the former reality girl confessed in the dance reality show that they have begun to get to know each other and that they are ‘exclusive’. Faced with this revelation, the lady showed surprise when she saw the images and, instead of giving her blessing to the new couple, she sent a strong message.

“Like every mother, I get excited. If this is what it looks like, my heart overflows with joy and love because I see a thing so beautiful and transparent that is rarely seen and styled these days,” she said at the beginning.

“I also don’t like to say that this was a joke, a show, that ‘Dancing’ ends and it’s over. No, she is not an object, she said that she is a human being and he is a man,” the lady said on that occasion.

Milett Figueroa’s mother denies that they had problems with the makeup artists at Bailando 2023. | America TV

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