Anahí reappears at RBD concert after being hospitalized Grupo Milenio

Anahí reappears at RBD concert after being hospitalized Grupo Milenio
Anahí reappears at RBD concert after being hospitalized Grupo Milenio

The singer of RBD, Anahí, returned to the stages of Brazil after he Saturday, November 17, she was treated in an emergency because she began to feel bad while she was performing a concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The news shocked the artist’s fans and His name made headlines in Mexico.. On his social networks, hundreds of fans wrote to him and wished him a speedy recovery.

Later, Anahí, on InstagramHe reported that he had been feeling unwell for days.. Among the symptoms he had were: dizziness, “unbearable pain in the ribs, back and head”, along with “very high fever and chills”

What was the moment when Anahí returned to RBD?

Through social networks, videos were broadcast where you can see the moment in which RBD makes his triumphant entry to his latest concert held in the foreign country.

What caught the most attention was that In the middle of the members was Anahí wearing a smile from ear to ear, while the audience couldn’t stop screaming.

In an Instagram story, Anahi shared a photograph where the singer is dressed with the RBD uniform and her children accompany her on the stage.

Anahí thanks her fans

On her Instagram account, Anahí published a photograph of her holding hands with her children. At the bottom of the snapshot He thanked his Brazilian fans.

“This is how I’m leaving Brazil! This is how I’m saying goodbye to a wonderful country that has given me the most beautiful love of all time, with my babies.”

“Total gratitude in my heart! That was a very emotional day. What happened to my health scared us. I didn’t understand anything, she was perfect and suddenly I couldn’t move from the pain. The last thing I wanted was to get into an ambulance until I couldn’t anymore.”

What is Anahi’s health status?

The famous woman was diagnosed with a “serious” kidney infection, that she was detected in a hospital where she was admitted this Friday night, as she herself reported through social networks.

He added that They have performed “blood and ultrasound studies” and that “a severe kidney infection” has been detected, which has caused “a lot of inflation” and pain.

“I am in the hands of the doctors and, for the moment, thinking about the most important thing, which is health,” said the 40-year-old member of RBD, who apologized to the followers of her group in Brazil and said having “your heart in little pieces.”


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