On the shores of the sea, Catherine Fulop makes you fall in love with her beautiful figure in a bikini at almost 60

The first job of Catherine Fulop As an actress it was in the soap opera ‘Roberta’. She went there in the late ’80s and she played a secondary character. That was the kick-off for a long career full of success.

Her rise to fame was thanks to ‘Abigail’. A strip that told the story of the beautiful, capricious and only daughter of a wealthy businessman who falls in love with the professor who teaches her literature classes at the San Lázaro school. Next to FulopFernando Carrillo, Hilda Abraham, Rosita Vásquez and Roberto Moll were in the cast, among many more.

Catherine Fulop, beautiful

This production made Fulop consolidated internationally and for her performance she was nominated for “Best Actress” at the TP de Oro.

Then came ‘Pasionaria’, ‘Mundo de fieras’, ‘Let yourself be loved’, ‘Great, Pa!’, ‘Cara Bonita’, ‘Rebelde Way’, ‘Los Ex’ and ‘Taxxi, Amores Cruzados’, among others. so many fictions. Furthermore, in the cinema she excelled in ‘Mercenaries’, ‘Marigold’ and ‘Alone in the City’, to name a few films.

Catherine Fulop falls in love on Instagram

Today she is not acting but remains very active in instagram. There he shares all kinds of content for his thousands and thousands of fans. Now, Fulop She uploaded a video on the seashore in which she is seen in a bikini and made more than one person fall in love with her beautiful figure at almost 60 years old.

Watch the video of Catherine Fulop

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