This is the sex scene from ‘Napoleon’ that did not appear in the final version with Joaquin Phoenix – Movie news

This is the sex scene from ‘Napoleon’ that did not appear in the final version with Joaquin Phoenix – Movie news
This is the sex scene from ‘Napoleon’ that did not appear in the final version with Joaquin Phoenix – Movie news

‘Napoleon’ has already hit movie theaters and everyone is talking about it, but we didn’t see a scene that was quite important to understand the intimate relationship between the characters of Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby.

Ridley Scott is one of the directors who is always busy, shooting films and releasing up to two films per year. The last works we saw from the filmmaker were in 2021 with The last duel and The Gucci houseone praised and the other severely criticized, which were a failure at the box office, but Now the acclaimed director is back to present a feature film that chronicles the life of one of the most important military figures in history.: Napoleon Bonaparte.

Starring none other than Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix, Napoleon brings the talented actor back to the big screen in the role of the Emperor of the French, as well as Vanessa Kirby in the role of Josephine de Beauharnais, to whom he was married for 14 years. Showing his rise to power, as well as his intense marital relationship, Scott has caused great controversy with his new work.

Being criticized for its historical inconsistencies and accused of demonizing the French character and glorifying Great Britain, the director of blade runner and Alien: the eighth passenger has completely ignored the negative comments. However, there was no shortage of people who highlighted the great will of the British filmmaker to continue making large-scale films, since he is also filming the sequel to Gladiator with Paul Mescal and Pedro Pascal.

One of the biggest attractions of Napoleon is the way scott portrays their marital relationship to compare the power a man has on the battlefield and inside his room. According to the actress of The Crownthere is a deleted scene that was not integrated into the cut that reached theaters, but it is perfect to contrast the sexual dynamic that Josefina had with her husband, the Emperor of France.

In an interview with Letterboxd, Kirby commented “This is not a typical or easy-to-understand relationship. It’s toxic, codependent and confusing. There is infantilization between them, suddenly he feels five years old and so does she, acting like a child after being a woman at a coronation pretending that everything was fine, even though she was scared.” The interpreter also added how Josefina lived a revolutionary period for women in terms of sexuality and was quite well known for it.

“She had many extramarital affairs, sometimes for money, and then she met Napoleon and was very dominant in that regard. There is a sex scene with Barras (Tahar Rahim), someone she had an affair with, who didn’t make the final cut because the original was four and a half hours, but there we can see a different dynamic”, referring to the fact that his sexual encounters with Napoleon did not present him as the dominant man for which he was recognized.

“I remember Ridley and Joaquin having long conversations about wanting to make it clear that he’s this military commander who’s in command when he’s on the battlefield and he’s out there trying to conquer territory while he’s writing letters as a lovestruck, obsessive teenager, but then he comes back. home and doesn’t know what to do with women.” Let us remember that the director of The Martian revealed that the director’s cut, lasting more than four hours, will come to Apple TV+so it’s just a matter of waiting a little longer to see how the scene influences the rest of the film.

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