Dani Flow convinces his wife to have a girlfriend for both of them; This is how his polyamory works that “saved her marriage” | News from Mexico

Dani Flow convinces his wife to have a girlfriend for both of them; This is how his polyamory works that “saved her marriage” | News from Mexico
Dani Flow convinces his wife to have a girlfriend for both of them; This is how his polyamory works that “saved her marriage” | News from Mexico

IRAPUATO, Guanajuato.- The family of Dani FlowMexican reggaeton player who detonated next to Bellakath the poem song “what beautiful eyes you have”has gone viral on social networks due to an image in which everyone is wearing the Chivas shirtbut they are physically compared to the family of Milhouse Van Houtenthe friend of Bart Simpson.

However, what perhaps few know is that to save your marriage, Dani Flow had to convince his wife so that they both had a girlfriend, since his rhythm of life as an artist, his constant tours wore out love. The process, he admits, was quite complicated to endure and get used to.

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last weekend presented both of them on the Flow Fest stage with a three-way kisswith which they expressed their polyamory to the public.

This is how Dani Flow convinced his wife to have a girlfriend

The relationship between the so-called “Morbo King” and his wife It is rare, although it is not unique. There are other similar relationships in the world, but people willing to talk openly about it are rare. Fortunately, the ‘King of Morbidity’ considers her sentimental situation quite normal for her and explained it naturally in a recent interview.

Speaking on the YouTuber Gusgri’s podcast, They asked him to share the story behind his “love trio” and some details on how they make it work. The reggaeton singer explained that the idea of ​​including another person arose from his desire to prevent his wife from being alone for long periods of time.

There has come a time when I am already leaving my house and my wife is left alone and she begins to unconsciously show me that she is not comfortable with that life. I don’t wait for the problems to progress, but rather I try to fix it quickly. My idea was that there was another person so that she could cover me. And from there I got insistent and we kind of found this girl and I selected her and I said ‘she’s the good one for us,’” she explains.

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How did Dani Flow and his wife meet his girlfriend?

Dani Flow explained that to meet the third person, his girlfriend and his wife, They relied on trust to choose her and hope she was a good person.:

We liked each other and we gave each other the opportunity. We got along very well that day, but that wasn’t going to mean that my wife was going to say ‘let’s have her as a girlfriend.’ But she knew her and I began to insist, insist, insist until we had a fart.

He admits that at first, his wife resisted the idea and they both navigated “with normality” between doubts and conventions.

As an example he mentions a visit of the three to Six Flags in which they realized that all the ride cars only had two seats, made for couples. The psychologist also intervened to clarify his concerns.

Dani says that they were a psychologist and at the appointment she asks him ‘Do they like each other? You and the girl like each other, but overall no one is being happy.’ And then I said ‘she’s not turning out for me, she’s turning out worse than I thought’ which was that I felt like my wife was alone.”.

Then I told him ‘it’s okay’ I’m not going to insist on it anymore. You and me as always. I’ll find another solution for this. And the next day my wife tells me that she wants to talk to me, she tells me ‘I want to try’. And she told me that you don’t know what she has until she loses it. So from there the three of us have been rowing against normality.”

Dani Flow wants her fans to love both

Dani Flow’s idea of ​​introducing his girlfriend and wife to the public was to seal his polyamory so that his fans love them both.

I want people to know the personality of both of them, to like them both. We’re even watching a podcast between them. Just the two of them, and the first episode with me. It would get interesting, don’t miss it,” she said with a laugh.

In the end, the reggaeton player born in Irapuato rejected that he has priority for any of them, although he does notice a kind of ‘range’: “Evidently I have more history with my wife”.

Although it may seem strange to others, they mention that for them it is “the most normal thing in the world”:

It’s not strange, maybe it’s strange to see it because it’s not common, but we have a very normal life,” he says.

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