Who is Carmen Otte Alba, the girlfriend of the bullfighter Juan Ortega who has been jilted at her wedding

Who is Carmen Otte Alba, the girlfriend of the bullfighter Juan Ortega who has been jilted at her wedding
Who is Carmen Otte Alba, the girlfriend of the bullfighter Juan Ortega who has been jilted at her wedding

they had been 10 years

Carmen Otte Alba It is the name that everyone has on their lips after being planted at the wedding an hour before it took place. Bullfighter Juan Ortega He had been with her for 10 years and decided to cancel the ceremony on the same day as the wedding. Who is she?

Juan Ortega and Carmen Otte Alba should have been married by now. The couple had a date last Saturday at the Church of Santiago, in Jerez de la Frontera, although the groom decided to cancel the ceremony at the last minute, claiming “to have doubts.”

The more than 500 guests were already waiting and she was getting dressed, when The right-hander swerved and chose to go home only by not seeing himself prepared to become her husband. The controversial decision leaves many unknowns, such as why she did not get married or why she did so at the last minute.

The couple I had been dating for 10 years and this weekend they were going to seal their love officially, but it couldn’t be. As confirmed by the newspaper The Spanish, The news was a blow to the bride, who “can’t stop crying.”

A source close to the bullfighter’s partner has assured the tabloid that his parents and sister have become his main support at this delicate moment. Michelangelo Otte himself was responsible for notifying attendees that the link had been cancelled, via WhatsApp. Added to her daughter’s sadness is that of her father, who loved the bullfighter “like a son.”

Juan Ortega’s sit-in with Carmen Otte could cost her 90 thousand euros, the price of the ‘non-wedding’ | antenna3.com

Given the commotion and uncertainty, the right-hander decided restrict comments on your official Instagram account, where he also removed a portrait of the She was his girlfriend for more than 10 years, two of them living under the same roof. In the image he described her as “the queen of the recital.”

Another of the decisions that the right-hander has made has to do with the economic aspect. Ortega assures that he will take charge of the 70,000 euros that had already been paid for the expenses of the banquet, a figure that will be assumed in full.

The unknown that is still in the air has to do with the financial outlay that the guests would have given as wedding gifts and trips to Jerez.

Who is Carmen Otte Alba, Juan Ortega’s girlfriend

Juan Ortega has a moderately well-known profile, while she He was a pretty anonymous person. facing the media. We review who she is and what their relationship was like.

Carmen Otte Alba (33 years old) is a specialist in cardiology at the Virgen de Valme University Hospital in Seville, the city where she lived with her fiancé. Her father, Miguel Ángel Otte, is a renowned agricultural engineer who is part of the Official College of Agricultural Engineers and the Economic and Social Council of the city.

The Andalusian’s personal life is quite private, and not much is known other than that she was occasionally seen in the bullrings enjoying her partner’s work. She has private social networksso it is not possible to access the content you share.

The future of both of them is very uncertain and it is not known if they will return or end their romance permanently.

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