Why didn’t the survivors of ‘The Snow Society’ make a fire if they had lighters? Bayona explains it

From the couch, tragedies always seem less tragic. The Snow SocietySpain’s representative at the next Oscars, has been on Netflix for the 28 million views in its second week and Bayona, aware of his chances with respect to the statuette, has shown that omnipresence is a quality within the reach of mortals, as long as he is in full promotion ahead of the Oscars.

In his many appearances, Bayona has unraveled some of the special effects of The Snow Society, has praised the commitment of its actors, who lost more than 20 kilos during filming, or has resolved some doubts created by your film. In this last group, one in particular stood out:Why, if they had so much tobacco, did none of the passengers on the crashed flight try to light a fire? And why did they have so much tobacco? Bayona has responded to both questions on his social networks.

Why didn’t they make a fire?

Throughout its footage, we can see the protagonists smoking. The Snow Society. Therefore, they not only had tobacco, but also lighters available that allowed them to light cigarettes. However, none of them lit a bonfire to keep warm or to attract the attention of rescue planes. On X (formerly Twitter), Bayona has specified the reason: “What little they had was too wet to catch fire.”, clarifies the filmmaker.

On the other hand, the abundance of cigarettes was due to the fact that several of the survivors were shareholders of a tobacco company and they traveled with a full reserve that they were able to dispense with during their time in the mountains. At the time, Chile was experiencing a time of scarcity regarding tobaccoand the connection of two of the passengers with a company dedicated to the production of cigarettes allowed them to collect a good quantity of them, which they shared with the other members of the snow society.

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