New clues about Kate Middleton’s health and the secret illness she suffers from

New clues about Kate Middleton’s health and the secret illness she suffers from
New clues about Kate Middleton’s health and the secret illness she suffers from

About a month has passed since Kate Middleton (42 years old) underwent “abdominal surgery” we still do not know what illness he suffers from. “It’s not cancer,” was the only thing that was denied by Kensington Palace after the commotion that was generated around the state of health of the Princess of Wales. However, the two weeks that she was admitted to the hospital and the months of convalescence that she needs until she can resume her institutional obligations have caused great concern among the English people.

Fortunately, it seems that Kate’s evolution is favorable and little by little he is recovering the normality of his daily life. At least that’s what his recent move to Sandringham reflects. Of course, it will not be until next April, if all goes well, when we can see the Princess of Wales at a public event. “I was looking forward to a change of scenery and taking things more slowly.”“, while the little ones can play there with Guillermo,” they told the British newspaper from their surroundings. DailyMail.

Possible clues surrounding Kate Middleton’s illness

The absence of Charles III and Kate Middleton from public life has coincided with a complete remodeling of Prince William’s work team. The diplomat Ian Patrick will take on the role of secretary of the heir, a completely unexpected change that could have a double reading.

As highlighted in the British press, Patrick is a member of the board of directors of Crohn’s & Colitis UK, an organization dedicated to Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and other forms of inflammatory bowel disease. This has led to speculation about the relationship this change could have with Kate Middleton herself. Does Princess Crohn’s suffer?


Does Kate Middleton suffer from Crohn’s disease?

Although there is no official confirmation, one of the information that is gaining the most strength is that Kate could have suffered from Crohn’s disease for years. It is a “chronic inflammatory and autoimmune involvement of the digestive tract. Of unknown cause, its main symptoms include abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, fever, weight loss or rectal bleeding, among many other things.

The truth is that the severity varies from one patient to another and in extreme cases surgery may be necessary to introduce an intestinal pouch. An operation that could justify Kate Middleton’s months of convalescence.

Kate Middleton returns with her children to Adelaide Cottage

After enjoying a week’s holiday in Sandringham with her three children so that the children could enjoy the countryside while she continued her recovery, the Princes of Wales They are already planning to return home for next Sunday. It will be Monday when George, Charlotte and Louis resume their classes at Lambrook School, which has forced the couple to return to Adelaide Cottage.

It is a mystery whether on Sunday, Guillermo will preside over the 2024 Bafta Awards alone. Without a doubt, an event in which the presence of Kate Middleton will be missed, who has always walked the red carpet like a true movie star.

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