Cojo Feliz and Tío Rober are canceled for making fun of Daniel Bisogno’s health and the death of his mother | VIDEO

Cojo Feliz and Tío Rober are canceled for making fun of Daniel Bisogno’s health and the death of his mother | VIDEO
Cojo Feliz and Tío Rober are canceled for making fun of Daniel Bisogno’s health and the death of his mother | VIDEO

Lame happy and Uncle Robert are once again in the middle of controversy, this time for a video where they frivolize about Daniel Bisogno’s health and the death of his mother. Photo: Screenshot, YouTube

He Lame Happy and the Uncle Rober They have once again put the scope of black humor at the center of the conversation. Almost a year after cancellation of his show at Vive Latinothe standup artists have published a controversial video where they frivolize about the health crisis of Daniel Bisognodays after his mother’s death, María Araceli Bisogno Tapia.

In mid-February, Bisogno was admitted to a hospital in Mexico City due to a serious infection which limited his lung capacity. After undergoing a surgical procedure and antibiotic treatment to counteract the infection, The television host was intubated and induced into a coma. During a long unconscious period, Daniel Bisogno came out of a coma on February 23, however, that same day His mother was rushed to a hospital, where she died hours later..

The family tragedy that the presenter is going through Windowing was the central theme of a video by the duo The happy hour. Graduated “Daniel Bisogno, INHERIT US”, the audiovisual begins as a criticism of tabloid journalism, a style that Daniel Bisogno has done for many years. However, El Cojo Feliz and Tío Rober take the black humor that characterizes his comedy to the extreme.

At the beginning of the video the comedians make a disclaimer (disclaimer): “The opinions expressed in this program are for the sole purpose of entertainment. They do not necessarily represent real events or situations.” The warning is understood from the first minutes of the audiovisual, when both stand-up artists frivolize with the possibility that the driver includes them in his will.

“That man was a gossip, a little joke, a little joke, how many deaths did he not make fun of in Windowing?”Lame Happy asks with a laugh, while his partner refers to entertainment journalism as one of the “vilest professions” there can be:

“One of the most vile professions that there can be on this planet Earth is being a gossiper and monetizing from being a gossiper, because you take lives, families in your hands, the truth is it is a disgusting industry. It is one thing to give news and another thing to be a gossip or to go find someone to break them and profit from it,” the comment was a jab at the coverage that the press gave to the accusation against him for alleged sexual assault.

Published on the official channel of Cojo Feliz, even its followers mention the imminent cancellation of the video by YouTube, a platform whose community rules sanction content that violates digital harassment. However, the reaction of its subscribers was favorable. Where the conversation was most divided was on Facebook, a social network in which several people questioned the limits of black humor.

The standup artists shared a video on YouTube where they make fun of the health crisis of Daniel Bisogno, host of Ventaneando Credit: Cojo Feliz, YouTube.

The new video of Hugo, Cojo Feliz and Tío Rober divided comments on social networks. Photo: Pur de Patos, Facebook

This new controversy arises after the confirmation of the show The happy hour at the Vive Latino Ibero-American Festival of Musical Culture. In 2023, the duo was confirmed to perform on March 19 at the Casa Comedy Tent; However, the organizers decided to cancel the event under pressure from millions of users on social networks, who supported the accusation of Sofia Diaza TikTok user who accused the comedian of alleged sexual abuse.

According to her testimony, the sexual assault occurred in 2019 when she was 19 years old and the standupero was 39. Díaz said that during a date with Robero AndradeUncle Rober’s real name, he got upset with her because she refused to have sexual relations:

“I agreed (to let him touch her) because he got quite upset with me, I told him I didn’t want to, but he insisted, he was very upset. I let him touch me and he saw that I started to cry and he got angry. He told me that if he was going to put me in that attitude he didn’t want it. In the end he let me sleep.”

Uncle Rober denied the accusations and stated that his relationship with Sofía Díaz ended because “he had no future”; However, his positioning and the pressure of his legion of followers did not make it possible for the Vive Latino organizers to back down.

Weeks before the premiere of their new controversial video, the duo was confirmed for this year’s edition, however, the controversy has once again called into question whether said presentation will take place.

Even stand-up fans point out a new cancellation, prior to the Vive Latino festival. Photo: @la_hora_feliz_, Instagram

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