Cinthia Fernández exploded against Érica Rivas after crossing with Guillermo Francella

Sunday, March 31, 2024


The last ideological crossing, loaded with the subjectivity of a notoriously worn relationship between Erica Rivas and Guillermo Francellasparked a debate with opposing positions in the midst of a political context that pits some against each other.

It is worth remembering that the conflict began with the position of the referent of Married with childrenregarding the measures of the national government in the midst of a delicate economic context, which keeps the country on the brink of social outbreak.

“They were more than necessary (the shock measures implemented by the Government), it was known that there was going to be a major surgery, they said it in the campaign and they strictly complied with it. I continue to hope, I don’t know with what immediacy, but that this will be modified in favor of the people. “I don’t lose hope,” said the actor.

After the statements, Erica Rivasformer partner faced with Francella due to his position prior to the play of “Married“, took the opportunity to criticize his statements: “The only thing I can tell you is that it doesn’t surprise me. I know how Guillermo thinks and yes, he is a person who thinks on that side.”

With the political dispute installed in the world of entertainment, there were several protagonists who gave their opinion and defended the actor. One of them was Cinthia Fernandezwho didn’t hold anything back.

“Is Erica R’s girl nervous because she ran out of her dream box? Does she live insulting, throwing darts, disrespecting herself, believing herself to be superior while she supports spurts and corrupt people?”, the panelist began.

Does she talk about morals? What’s wrong with you, you’re NERVIOSHASA. “You want a little coffee,” he closed. Cynthia from her Twitter account, referring to the actress’s link with the Kirchnerist governments and ironically about her time in office. Married with children.

If spicy words were missing, Yanina Latorre also attacked Rivas: “Does (Francella) have to ask her (Rivas) permission to think? What a fear of the peronchas… they don’t tolerate those who think differently. Let Rivas know that it is worse to bank with spurts and corruption.” Conflict at the door.

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