The zodiac signs that will be most affected by Mercury retrograde

The zodiac signs that will be most affected by Mercury retrograde
The zodiac signs that will be most affected by Mercury retrograde

The month of April begins with one of the most feared astral phenomena: the period of Mercury retrograde. During this time, Mercury, the planet of communication, will move “backwards” from the 27th degree to the 15th degree of the sign of Aries. How will it affect your zodiac sign?

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Mercury retrograde is an astronomical phenomenon in which the planet Mercury, from Earth’s perspective, appears to move backward in its orbit around the Sun. This phenomenon occurs approximately three or four times a year and lasts about three weeks each time.

Astrologically, Mercury retrograde is commonly associated with misunderstandings, delays, electronic device malfunctions, communication errors, and travel problems. It is believed that during this period, the energies of Mercury, which govern communication, thinking, contracts and short trips, become more difficult to manage and can cause confusion in various aspects of daily life.

At this time, people may feel a little more impatient and there may be somewhat abrupt reactions, so it is important to proceed with caution and calm. It is important to remember that during the period of Mercury retrograde, we are invited to examine our ideas and behaviors that may need adjustment.

In addition, there is a solar eclipse that urges us to undertake new initiatives. However, it is advisable to start executing these projects towards the end of the month, as the period of Mercury retrograde can bring challenges that could hinder their initial progress.

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These are the zodiac signs that will undergo changes


During this period, Aries might face misunderstandings and confusion in their communications. During the period of Mercury retrograde, Aries may experience frustration when trying to communicate his ideas clearly and accurately. Experts suggest avoiding potentially problematic environments and postponing conflictive situations, such as negotiations, until this period is over.


Since Libra is the opposite and complementary sign of Aries, Librans will also be affected by this retrogradation. During this period, they might feel more touchy and sensitive than usual, which could lead them to misinterpret messages from others.


During this period, the planet of communication will be in a position that will generate an inharmonious state with Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio. This can cause Scorpios to behave more irascibly and need to take care of the way they react when communicating.


These will experience greater verbal impulsiveness, so it will be essential for this Earth sign not to take things personally.

Although the term “Mercury retrograde” may evoke a sense of caution, many astrologers also see it as an opportunity for reflection, review, and resolution of outstanding issues. It is a time to be more aware of our communications and decisions, as well as to be patient with potential setbacks that may arise.

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