Changes in subscription rates: this is how the prices of Amazon and Filmin remain

Changes in subscription rates: this is how the prices of Amazon and Filmin remain
Changes in subscription rates: this is how the prices of Amazon and Filmin remain

Amazon Prime Video and Filmin change the price of their rates

These days, platforms are experiencing a time of change more than ever. Some in their catalog, such as Disney+which is reorganizing its contents and adding new proposals, new ones such as SkyShowTime adding to platforms like Movistar+, and others like HBO Max directly changing appearance and name. But leaving aside this renamed Max, there are many other streaming services that are undergoing changes in recent months that are not so noticeable at first glance, but certainly for the user’s pocket at the end of the month.

Two of them are no less than Amazon Prime Video and Filmin, two of the leading platforms in our country and that have grown the most in recent years, especially the second. Both now join the trend of renewal of subscription plans that other platforms such as Netflix or the aforementioned Max and Disney+ have already followed. Even so, we tell you everything you need to know about these changes to get ahead and change your subscription or stay up to date with the news.

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Regarding Amazon Prime Video, we must take into account the introduction of a new plan with ads, which will become available from April 9th. This subscription will have a price of 4.48 euros per month, although it will have an interesting discount if the user in question is a student, which would cost 2.49 euros per month. On the other hand, the standard subscription without ads will cost 6’98 euros, 4’99 in the case of Prime Student. In addition, we must remember that this subscription allows simultaneous playback on up to 3 devices and the option to view content in 4k. As well as being able to share the account outside the home, which makes Prime Video one of the most interesting options if we compare it with the rest.

Image of the Filmin rate change and its limited time offer

More notable has been the change in Filmin, which has not taken long to raise some controversy on social networks since until recently they were able to carry the same price for several years. The platform for auteur and classic cinema par excellence has grown a lot in recent months to the point of being in charge of distributing major releases and having Oscar titles such as Anatomy of a fall. However, all these achievements also entail an increase in the cost of the subscription, which will become 9’99 euros per month for 7’99 what it cost until now. Despite everything, Filmin continues to offer an annual subscription that is cheaper and if not you can always wait for special moments like the Mother’s Day either Black Fridayalthough the latter is further away in time.

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Despite everything, the platform offers a limited-time offer for those who still want to get on the bandwagon before the plan change. This is an annual subscription of 75 euros a yearfor the 84 euros that it will cost soon, specifically starting next April 14th. It should be noted that Filmin is today one of the most complete platforms in terms of catalogue, with all types of proposals in its catalogue, from the most classic cinema to new and great titles or even series, a section that includes cultivating diligently for some time now and where you can now find such interesting productions as Such Brave Girls either Blood and Money.

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