“We begin to write a new chapter in a new country” – Publimetro Chile

“We begin to write a new chapter in a new country” – Publimetro Chile
“We begin to write a new chapter in a new country” – Publimetro Chile

This Tuesday, the well-known actor Cristian de la Fuente surprised by announcing that he is leaving Chile to live abroad in search of new challenges and work projects. The actor used his personal Instagram account to announce the news.

Accompanied by a photograph of luggage, the publication stated: “Good morning! San Hugo, April 1 was the day chosen to travel… today, April 2, we begin to write a new chapter, living in a new city, in a new country”.

Immediately, de la Fuente added: “There would be fewer suitcases if I didn’t have to bring the bike, the things for swimming and running necessary as part of the training… But with this I have more than what I need…”.

He then jokingly stated that: “in a few weeks I’m going to say: ‘Why did I bring this thing that I don’t even use?’ Because we have to learn to travel lighter every day.”

Finally, the interpreter assured that this new stage will be full of projects and stages: “New things are coming, in a new place. Very excited and at the same time with a part of my heart in Chile”, indicated the actor. Let us remember that her daughter Laura stays in Chile, where she lives with her mother and former partner of Cristián de la Fuente, Angélica Castro.

It should be remembered that the actor’s announcement comes amid his recent statements about his marital breakdown with Angélica Castro, which occurred after an episode of infidelity on the part of Cristián in September 2022, when he was caught kissing another woman. in Mexico.

“They were 20 wonderful years that went to shit, so it’s not easy”said De la Fuente in an interview on the Radio Agricultura program, OnLine.

Although the actor did not reveal the city or country where he is arriving in this new stage, thanks to the comments that the interpreter received, it is speculated that his destination is Mexico.

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