Dayana Jaimes criticized a photo of Martín Jr emulating his father

Dayana Jaimes criticized a photo of Martín Jr emulating his father
Dayana Jaimes criticized a photo of Martín Jr emulating his father


The singer’s widow disapproved of a photograph in which the singer’s son appears in an image very similar to one from the day his father died

On April 14, 2017, vallenato received sad news. The singer Martín Elías, son of Diomedes Díaz, had suffered a traffic accident that took his life. The musical ‘Earthquake’ left in a van with the municipality of Coveñas, Sucre, however, a traffic accident forever extinguished his voice, which seeks to be revived through his eldest son, Martín Elías Díaz Varón .

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Just a few days ago fans remembered the singer because he died on Good Friday. His wife, Dayana Jaimes, took the opportunity to leave him a moving message through her Instagram. However, ‘Martincito’ also wanted to pay tribute to his father by performing his songs on the same stage where Elder Dayán, Martín’s half brother and son of Diomedes Díaz, performed.

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The truth is that the presentation in the same place where the last presentation of Martín Elías, that is, the beaches of Coveñas, Sucre, generated a large number of reactions due to the way in which Martín Jr made his appearancebecause apart from singing his father’s songs, he also appeared looking very similar to what his father was wearing that day.

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Well, Dayana Jaimes, as we remember, is not Martincito’s mother, decided to speak out in response to the photograph that went viral on social networks, thus showing her disagreement with emulating such a painful date.

“It almost gave me something when I saw it… and it’s not about the musical theme because Martincito will go far because of his discipline and because it’s in his blood, but recreating this image of such a sad and painful day for everyone left me with goosebumps.” ”, Jaimes wrote.

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It is worth mentioning that other personalities such as Joaco Guillén, former manager of Diomedes, supported Martin Jr. and assured that he has every right to remember him as he sees fit, in addition to continuing his legacy.

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