Family war over the millionaire inheritance of actress Silvia Tortosa: this is the person who does not appear in her will

Family war over the millionaire inheritance of actress Silvia Tortosa: this is the person who does not appear in her will
Family war over the millionaire inheritance of actress Silvia Tortosa: this is the person who does not appear in her will

The actress and television presenter Silvia Tortosa in an archive image (Europa Press)

On March 23, Silvia Tortosa He died a victim of liver cancer that he could not cope with and which marked his second confrontation with this disease, since in 2019 he had already suffered from breast cancer. After the actress’s last goodbye, a family war has broken out in the iconic actress’s estate.

Silvia Tortosa had a considerable heritage fruit of his long career in the world of acting and television, since he debuted in the theater at only 15 years old in the play The Wizard of Oz. The imminent opening of his will has caused his name to make headlines after a controversial debate arose around his inheritance.

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The reason would be that the actress made certain modifications to the legal document months before her death, according to what has been announced. Readings. So, he left out one of the people who was by his side in the last years of his life.

Silvia Tortosa in an archive image (Europa Press)

According to el corazón magazine, Tortosa changed her will so that her last husband, Carlos Cánovas, did not appear in it. Specifically, she would have done it eight months ago, at which time she learned that her husband was unfaithful to her with actress Marina Lozano.

Silvia gets some evidence and puts it in front of himhe admits that yes (he was unfaithful) and she gives him a month to leave the house, the reason is that Carlos’s mother also lived in that house,” his legal guardian and friend, Ana Congost, explained to the publication.

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Carlos Cánovas, husband of Silvia Tortosa, arriving at the Les Corts funeral home to say goodbye (Europa Press)

The magazine states that the television presenter owned two apartments in Barcelona, ​​one in Madrid and another in the Puerta de Hierro urbanization, where she lived. “She was hurt and hurt with Carlos. I don’t think I’ll leave all the properties to him. She was not stupid and she said that He knew very well what he wanted to do with his inheritance.“, explained the representative and friend of the interpreter, Tony Aliaga, to the publication.

The same source has detailed that the interpreter moved to Ana Congost’s apartment, located in Alcalá de Henares, as soon as she learned of the infidelity and spent a month there. In addition, she adds that the two traveled to the United States and “when they returned, Carlos was gone. “He took everything he wanted from the house,” added the actress’s former representative.

Love knocked on Silvia Tortosa’s door four times. However, her longest-lasting relationship was the one she had with Carlos Cánovas, to whom she said ‘yes, I want’ at a discreet wedding in the United States seven years ago. “They didn’t tell anyone. I remember Silvia telling me that it was simply a procedure. It is not clear that their marriage is legal in Spain”, Aliaga pointed out.

And it seems that, Tortosa He had a problem with the divorce of his previous partner, David Harper, with whom she passed through the altar in Spain and the United States. In 2003, both put an end to their marriage, but they did not do the procedures well. In fact, until her wedding to Cánovas, the television host was receiving Harper’s widow’s pension. This is why it is not clear that Silvia and Carlos’s marriage is legal in Spain and, therefore, that he is entitled to a widow’s pension.

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