The Platinum Xcaret Awards melt for “The Snow Society”, which ends a triumphant year

The Platinum Xcaret Awards melt for “The Snow Society”, which ends a triumphant year
The Platinum Xcaret Awards melt for “The Snow Society”, which ends a triumphant year

From the helpful spectacularity of a broom, like another theme park employee, the actor Geronimo Rauch welcomed us to Xcaret, a Mexican earthly paradise, to begin the 11th. Edition of the Platinum Awards. In the heart of the State of Quintana Roo, wet with the Caribbean, the cream of the Ibero-American cinema and series came together to celebrate as one, united by the common language and culture. As it could not be otherwise, and as has been happening in the Latin awards season for half a year, “The Snow Society” by JA Bayona started as the big favorite in awards that were filled with music to try to combat the ambient humidity.

The avalanche of Enzo Vogrincic, Matías Recalt and other kids on the plane, of course, had to wait to cool the atmosphere. The Argentinian Andy Chango was the first to get on stage (with the permission of the presenters Emerald Pimental and Majida Issa) to collect the Platinum for Best Male Supporting Performance in the television category, for giving life to Charly García in the series that he himself created, “The love after Love”. “They are murdering the culture”said the interpreter, in reference to the situation caused by President Javier Milei in Argentina, de facto cutting film subsidies at the state level. Right after, it was his turn to win the first Spanish prize of the night, which he did not collect. Carmen Machi by “The messiah” (Best Supporting Performance on Television) but he did bequeath responsibility to Lola Duenaspresent in Mexico and which also won Platinum, in its case for Best Female Performance in a Miniseries or Teleserie.

About objectifying and narratives

As has been customary since its creation, the Platinum Awards also overrepresented our country in their awards, awarding Jose Coronado a recognition as a supporting actor for “Close the eyes” and, also, rewarding the incontestable “20,000 species of bees”, by Estíbaliz Urresola, with the Platinum for Best Screenplay, the Film and Education in Values ​​Award and the Best Supporting Actress, for Ane Gabarain. As if that were not enough, the film also won the award for Best First Feature: “We need the industry to renew itself. (…) Stop objectifying and let’s change the narrative“said Urresola in reference to the producer and director Gerardo Herrero, who had celebrated having the opportunity kiss Blanca Suárez a few minutes before (he won the Platinum for Best Comedy for “Bajo Terapia”). The statuette for Best Documentary, closing another of those triumphant cycles of the awards season, went to “Infinite memory”by the Chilean Maite Alberdi and which was already nominated for the Oscars.

After an impressive performance by Ana Mena, who paid tribute to Rocio durcal interpreting “The cat under the rain” and which raised the level compared to the previous interruptions of the ceremony, the Platino arrived still fresh to its second hour, where the technical awards were quickly handed out and where “The Snow Society”, as happened in the last Goya Awards, was felt like an avalanche in Xcaret. Sound, Photography and Editing went to the Bayonne team, which celebrated a victory that was already seeming overwhelming.

Our cinema is always in danger. Cinema in my country, in Argentina, in Latin America and in Spain is the same. And it is always in danger,” said Cecilia Roth, halfway through qualifying her words of the week about Milei’s measures, when collecting the Platinum Honor Award from Enrique Cerezo. The iconic actress, in bamboo green, received a ovation from the auditorium in Xcaret, which interrupted the movement of air to surrender before the interpreter of “Arrebato” and “All about my mother.” It was the last breath of the gala before Bayona finished melting its awards season, now it does. , meaning politically in what definitely ended up being the axis of the ceremony: the living death of Argentine cinema.

“This award is the result of a career. My parents come from a very humble place. And they did not have the freedom to choose whether to study or work. Since they did not have access to school, For them, access to their children’s culture was very important.. This award goes to them,” the Catalan director began his speech when collecting the award for direction. And he continued: “The first images I remember of Argentina are films by Alfonso Aristarain (…). Cinema is a very powerful and fundamental tool of expression for a country. To be against cinema is to be against your own country. Argentina, here we are. They are not alone. Up with the united Argentine cinema, we are here to support,” said the person in charge of “The Snow Society” passionately, just before Enzo Vogrincic, its leading actor, was declared the best of the year in Ibero-American cinema. S home Laia Costa the Platinum for Best Female Performance will arrive, which was collected by her fellow nominee, Carolina Yuste.

The six Xcaret Platinum Awards of “The Snow Society”, in this temporary limbo and earthly oasis that EGEDA has found to celebrate Ibero-American, they speak of Bayona as one of those few directors capable of being embraced by critics, the public and academia, an instant classic not only of our cinema, but also of everything the one that contains the language of Cervantes. The end of the road, one perhaps as exhausting as that of his kids lost in the mountains, is also a demonstration of muscle not only cinematographic, but also industrial. There is still a lot to do, but it doesn’t hurt to look back and see ourselves, on both sides of the pond, as a united and capable cinematography.

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