The terrible revenge of Coti Romero against Furia that the networks did not forgive

The terrible revenge of Coti Romero against Furia that the networks did not forgive
The terrible revenge of Coti Romero against Furia that the networks did not forgive

The strong internal between Juliana “Furia” Scaglione and Coti Romero It’s far from over. In their history of mutual provocations, This Saturday a new chapter was added that involves none other than their “pets”: the Christmas elk “La Cariños”, which belongs to the trainer, and the stuffed crocodile that sleeps with the Corrientes.

Coti believed that Furia hung his doll from a door, so very angry, He took “Cariños” by the neck and took her out to the garden, to hint to her owner that she was the next to leave. Paloma, Bautista, and Virginia witnessed everything while preparing lunch, and warned that a new crossing was coming between them.

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The coach provoked the blonde and she did not hesitate to take the situation to a “personal” level (Photo: Captura Telefe)

In another video, the stuntwoman’s screams could be heard from the garden. In his hands he had his moose with its head detached from its neck.. Bautista, Emma and Mauro came out to meet him, while in the kitchen with Paloma, Darío, Martín and Virginia, Coti only limited himself to murmuring the word “Signs.”

Bautista tried to fix the toy reindeer without success, but Fury managed to join the parts of his faithful companion with a red ribbon. On networks, the Furia fandom warned that Coti crossed limits and they plan to remove her from the game as soon as she falls on a negative plate.

Besides, Several users suggest that Furia possibly had nothing to do with the attack against Corrientes and pointed to Florencia. However, this version lost strength and it is expected that one of the house cameras has captured the author of this practical joke that once again destabilized the community. influencer.

Concern in “Big Brother 2023” about the dog Arturo: a participant was accused of harming him

Arthur, the new member of Big Brother 2023, has already conquered the entire country. His story moved viewers and even the contestants themselves cried when they discovered that he was mistreated and abandoned in a field. During his first hours in the house, the dog showed a preference for Martín Ku, who in the last hours was accused of harming him.

It was his own companions who told him not to be on top of him all the time, since the attachment could harm the animal. Proof is that he had a very bad time while they were enjoying the theme party at the sum. Feeling alone again, he peed on himself and cried..

Arturo and El Chino generated a great bond in Big Brother 2023. (Photo: Telefe capture)

Everything seems to indicate that it will be the Chinese who will adopt him. However, to Paloma would like to have it too. Another who also made it onto the list is Santiago del Moro, who fell in love with Arturo as soon as he saw him. For now, the dog He feels comfortable and loved, even by those who have not yet dared to play with him. The one who did have a bad time was Coti Romero, who wanted to pet him and received a growl.

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