Julián Figueroa’s son talks to his father’s ashes, this is what it tells him

Little José Julián is currently six years old (Photo: File)

One year after the death of Julian Figueroason of the famous singer Joan Sebastian and the actress Maribel Guardiahis widow Imelda Garza- Tuñón shared how she and her son have been dealing with the loss.

Julián Figueroa, who also worked in the artistic field as a composer, singer and recently as an actor, left an irreplaceable void after his death at the age of 27, a fact that still moves family and followers.

Imelda Garza-Tuñónin an emotional statement, revealed how his son has been coping with his father’s absence.

In particular, the actress mentioned that the little boy, only six years old, has found comfort by “talking” to his father’s ashes, which the family keeps in the house where the young man died on April 9, 2023.

The young man died at the age of 27 from a myocardial infarction, in Maribel’s family home (Photo: Instagram)

These conversations, as detailed, include children’s questions that reflect the child’s attempt to maintain a connection with his father.

“Hello Daddy! How are you? What are you doing? ”These are some questions that the boy asks his father, Imelda said.

This situation has led Garza-Tuñón to consider seeking professional support to help her son process the loss in a healthy way.

Although he acknowledged that his son seems to be coping well, he mentioned his concern for the child’s emotional future and the impact his father’s continued absence could have in the long term.

For Maribel, Imelda and Marco Chacón, the actress’s husband, Julián’s death was a hard blow (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

The lack of therapy thus far, according to Garza-Tuñón, does not minimize the need to be prepared to seek assistance when necessary, in hopes of ensuring that your child can navigate their grief in a way that fosters their well-being.

“He is not taking any therapy because, thank God, he is very well mentally. He is a boy who is very happy. He worries me about how he might react when the ashes are no longer there, and I think I am going to need the help of a therapist,” Imelda said in an interview for the YouTube channel. Scandal.

The statements of Imelda Garza-Tuñón were released underlining the importance of addressing grief and loss within family dynamics, especially when it involves minors.

Imelda Garza and Julián Figueroa had been in a relationship for years and together they had little José Julián (photos: instagram/imetunon)

Likewise, Imelda shared that the family is in the middle of a critical stage after the initial impact.

“A pretty difficult year that went by very quickly. We are just waking up from the shock stage, we are starting at the acceptance stage, it is the most painful. When the 20th hits you, that’s when you start to feel the emptiness, it’s not pretty, but we have to cope with it in the way we can,” he told the program. Wake up America.

The singer’s son has assimilated Julián’s absence in a natural way, according to Imelda (@josejulianfg)

The young woman also reflected on what the death of Julián Figueroa left her.

“He left me Maribel, who is the best mother-in-law I could have had, she is like a second mother to me, he left me José Julián, who is a child who, thank God, is very well, he is very happy, he is a happy child who “He understands things in his own way, which he has assimilated quite well, and left us with very good memories.”

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