The relevance of conventional media and its use as a differentiation lever

Just as the discipline of marketing has evolved and expanded to encompass all aspects related to the customer, so has the function of Marketing director. This is no longer solely responsible for a pricing strategy or the development of an advertising campaign, but is faced with a huge media ecosystem and multiple technologies in which it must manage the relationship with the consumer and brand construction, generating impact on the market. short and long term business.

The CMO’s objectives remain unchanged, as they continue to be to make the brand relevant, increase demand for the products and services and therefore increase sales, and do all this within a designated budget. What has changed is the complexity of the challenges that professionals face, a topic that was the protagonist during the 20th edition of Today is Marketing, event powered by Esic to share knowledge and learn about trends in communication, marketing and technology.

Despite digitalization, traditional channels continue to be strategic for brands

Two decades ago, with the emergence of social networks and digital platforms, the way of communicating and advertising changed, destabilizing the hegemony of traditional media such as print media, outdoor advertising or television. But even today, with the digital medium leading penetration and consumption, conventional channels have not stopped playing a primary role in brands’ strategies.

In-person experiences

This is demonstrated, for example, by the reception that in-person activations promoted by The Vaguada they have among the public. Despite the predictions that many made about the future of sales in the face of the consolidation of electronic commerce, they have continued attracting traffic to stores that they are located and offering a differential experience to all types of audiences.

Because, precisely unlike other channels, shopping centers have a diverse audience: from generation X to Z, passing through families to the incipient Alpha generation. “A shopping center is an ideal space to publish with the public, which is also in a time of leisure and entertainment favorable to the presence of brands.”commented Lola Fernández, Marketing Director of La Vaguada. “Holding events and activations at these points deepens the relationship through unique experiences and has a direct impact on store traffic”.

That is why, after the impact of the pandemic, many brands have opted for the shopping center, with an iconic character in the city of Madrid, to generate relevant experiences for your audience. Thus, in 2020 it served as the setting for Survival Zombie; has held video game championships and generated virtual reality experiences, in association with brands. Lego, for example, installed a 300 square meter play area this Christmas, the largest event in the history of the Lego Group in a shopping center in Spain. For his part, he did a Show and Meet & Greet with Bluey to celebrate back to school.

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Estrella Galicia’s commitment to television

The shopping center is an example that the physical point of sale has not abandoned the media mix. Just like it hasn’t television, especially when it comes to special social or cultural occasions. The strategy implemented by Estrella Galicia together with Atresmedia within the framework of the Campanadas demonstrates this, and is also an example of the beer company’s way of understanding its presence in the market.

More than a decade ago it began to develop an expansion strategy in the market and it required work to do so. the differentiation in a competitive sector. Thus, among other things, he opted for invest in television advertising at other times to traditional ones, such as the summer months, thus breaking the seasonality of the category. “We sought to take advantage of every moment. At that time the marketing budget was smaller than now and if we communicated when everyone else did, we would become one more spot among all our competitors.”said José Estrada, Global Omnichannel Manager at Hijos de Rivera.

This is how he came to the Campanadas space on Antena 3, just at the time when the network’s broadcast became popular under the leadership of Cristina Pedroche. Estrella Galicia began to link itself to that space and has been making its presence more sophisticated, betting on content to be increasingly relevant. A bet that was supported by its association, among many others contentswith the series “La casa de papel”, initially broadcast on the Atresmedia network.

Estrella Galicia has developed a strategy for years that is committed to content

The action carried out recently within the framework of the “Berlin” series is a demonstration of all that trajectory and an exercise in brand consistency. Based on the alleged live theft of some jewelry worn by Cristina Pedroche, the brand orchestrated a campaign that included social networks, messaging services and digital platforms and that invited users to follow a narrative inspired by the series to access contests.

At first there were doubts, because it would mean that on the first day of the year more people would talk about Estrella Galicia than about Cristina Pedroche’s dress. But that’s what we were there for, to talk about the brands that trust the Campanadas”explained Pablo López-Barajas, Director of Special Solutions and Events at Atresmedia Publicidad. “It is a case that was born from television, but lives on other channels. It is a very clear example of how to combine general and digital media”.

Ilia Topuria and the media presence

A combination of conventional and digital media has also fueled the promotion of the fighter’s brand. Ilia Topuria and that has inevitably been linked to the athlete’s recent success. After winning the Mixed Martial Arts world title of the Extreme Fighting Championship (UFC), his popularity has skyrocketed, which has led him to register his trademark, with which he markets clothing and accessories for the sport he practices. .

However, before that, there was a previous strategy. As Valentín Hernández, PR & Brand Manager of Ilia Topuria, explained, in his case the traditional 4P’s of marketing -product, price, placement, promotion- were expanded to five to include preparation. And, as he explained, the market had to be prepared for Ilia Topuria. First of all, doing divulgation about the UFC and breaking down myths and preconceived ideas about the sport, and secondly winning visibility. To do this, they turned to other elite athletes, such as Rafa Nadal or Iker Casillas, to encourage the fighter before the fight.

We had the product, which was Ilia himself and his attributes. We had a narrative, which was his inspiring story of overcoming. And we did some research to discover that there was interest from the public and potential for the brand.”, highlighted Valentín Hernández, PR & Brand Manager of Ilia Topuria. “We have put a lot of focus on social media, where Ilia has gained a lot of traction in recent months”.

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Ilia Topuria registers and protects her brand and one of her tattoos as a logo

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It now has one of the fastest growing sports profiles in the digital environment, but its media presence is being worked on through interventions on television, radio or the press. In addition, he has recently participated in the video clip for Omar Montes’ latest song, and is finalizing a documentary film. All this will achieve a reach and visibility that will have a direct impact on the brand you manage.

The three cases show that, despite the growing digitalization of communication, brand construction has to live in multiple environments and ecosystems, as many as the target audience requires and adapt to the potential of the product and the business. The conventional media, Far from disappearing as was anticipated years ago, they are essential in the day-to-day life of companies.

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