Frank Cuesta sentences Rodolfo Sancho in the middle of the trial against his son Daniel in Thailand

Frank Cuesta sentences Rodolfo Sancho in the middle of the trial against his son Daniel in Thailand
Frank Cuesta sentences Rodolfo Sancho in the middle of the trial against his son Daniel in Thailand

The case of Daniel Sancho (30 years old) continues to cause people to talk, and will continue to do so for quite some time. The son of actor Rodolfo Sancho (49 years old) and Silvia Bronchalo (48 years old) came to the fore last year when he was accused of ending the life and dismembering the body of Colombian doctor Edwin Arrieta. This happened in Thailand, and the trial is currently taking place in the Asian country in which the young chef is risking his future, and could even be sentenced to the death penalty. He claims to have ended the doctor’s life in self-defense, and the case has been so controversial and in the media that even HBO Max has created a documentary about it. In this, the main protagonist is Rodolfo, the father of the accused, who has testified for the first time since this whole issue arose. Of course, this has not gone unnoticed by anyone, and Frank Cuesta (52 years old) has been the last known face to comment on it.

Frank Cuesta gives his opinion on the case of Daniel Sancho

“There are only two options; either the death penalty or life imprisonment. The kid is going to be home in eight, ten or twelve years.“, assures the presenter, who also affirms that, “if you are touching the cojones and they give you a life sentence, you are very lucky. They are going to give you the death penalty, for sure.” Frank wanted to emphasize that, although he doubts that they are going to end Daniel’s life, if they continue “touching the balls” he will still get more years than he should. Even so, he puts himself in the shoes of the victim’s family and states that he does not know how he would have acted. “The kid is on trial because he dismembered and killed another person. If I were from Edwin’s family, I don’t even know what I would have done. Oysters, they have cut off your brother! “They cut it into pieces and threw it in the trash.”


Frank praises Silvia Bronchalo’s role

Cuesta confessed to feeling a lot of empathy “for the mother, who is quiet and silent”, stating that he really liked the phrase that Silvia commented recently, the same one that “said a few months ago: ‘we have all lost here.’” Frank admits that he admires the low profile that Bronchalo is maintaining, confessing that “she’s going to eat the shit out of everything. On top of that, they have her covered by the father and the son.”

Silvia Bronchalo does not want to have a relationship with the media.


Furthermore, the presenter considers that the strategy that the Sancho family has followed has been wrong. “They have wanted guide the thai lawyer. Not the other way around. I said it from the beginning: you need help inside Thailand. You can hire the best lawyer in Spain, but it doesn’t matter. Marcos García Montes came, was working and they gave him the touch.”

Frank Cuesta harshly attacks Rodolfo Sancho

What I saw on HBO is pure and simple arrogance“says Frank Cuesta about the well-known actor, whose participation in this documentary he would not have particularly liked.”I was shocked when Rodolfo Sancho called Edwin Arrieta a “guy.” I was amazed. You’re talking about a person who you know your son has killed and cut into pieces. It’s no longer empathy. There is no education. Trunk, if anyone sees that, they say: ‘Like wood, like wood’“.


Furthermore, he commented in this talk on YouTube that he believes that the outcome “was written six months ago” and he does not hesitate to reproach the Sanchos for their bad behavior, even commenting that the Thai police had not done a good job. “What they should have done is ask for forgiveness, lower their heads, to say ‘I screwed up’. Please don’t give me the death penalty. “I’m going to be good and I’m embracing the Buddhist culture.”

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