Alex Brocca implored Ernesto Pimentel not to move forward with the judicial process: “Let him wait for me to recover”

Alex Brocca and the time he tearfully begged Ernesto Pimentel not to sue him. (Capture: Panamericana television)

Alex Broccadeceased Peruvian dancer and actor, has once again captured public attention after the dissemination of unpublished images by the program ‘Todo se filtra’ Panamericana Television. In these recordings they reveal their legal conflict with Ernesto Pimentelcreator of the Chola Chabuca, whom Brocca referred to as a ‘television monster’.

All of this has come back to light, following the release of Pimentel’s biographical film, which portrays Brocca in an unfavorable light, the removal of all audiovisual material from Brocca’s interviews and his posthumous book, new controversies have arisen.

Given this, an unpublished clip shared by Panamericana Televisión shows a testimony from June 4, 1999, in which the dancer expressed his desire to avoid facing more lawsuits and publicly urged his ex-partner to reconsider his position, especially taking into account the delicate health circumstances of the dancer. It is important to remember that the actor suffered from lymph node cancer and was also a carrier of HIV.

Alex Brocca and the time he tearfully begged Ernesto Pimentel not to sue him. (Capture: Panamericana television)

At that timeErnesto Pimentel He was considering legal action against his ex-partner for alleged defamatory statements contained in his book ‘Canto de dolor’. Brocca, affected by his state of health and fearing the legal consequences, implored Pimentel in an interview not to move forward with the judicial process, requesting compassion and time to recover.

“I am so grateful, both to the written media and to the television media. You, sometimes, now that all this and the test is over, I already feel like I can die in peace. That’s why I ask Mr. Pimentel to think carefully before suing me, to start helping people who really need it from his foundation. And if he wants me to go to trial, he has to wait for me to recover,” he is heard saying at first.

Alex Brocca and the time he tearfully begged Ernesto Pimentel not to sue him. (Capture: Panamericana television)

Besides, Alex He highlighted his ability to defend himself without the need for lawyers, and challenged Pimentel to face him in a trial without legal assistance. Brocca also disputed Pimentel’s claim of not having lawyers, noting that a lawyer is unlikely to work for free.

“In order for me to be with all my strength, I now do not need a lawyer for a trial, as I can only defend myself. And if he wants to prosecute me, let him also go alone to defend himself and show me his face. But I want to see him alone, without lawyers. He says that he is not paying for any lawyer. “I don’t believe that a lawyer works for free,” Brocca said on June 4, 1999.

Despite these pleas, Ernesto Pimentel proceeded legally, resulting in a sentence against Brocca for the 23 Criminal Courtwhich sentenced him to two years of suspended prison and the payment of 10 thousand soles in damages for defamation.

Alex Brocca and the time he tearfully begged Ernesto Pimentel not to sue him. (Capture: Panamericana television)

Ernesto shared intimate moments in the last days of Alejandro Iván Gutiérrez Brocca, known artistically as Alex Brocca, highlighting the privacy of their final meeting. In an act of respect for the solemnity of the moment, he chose not to inform the media about his visit to the actor’s deathbed, preserving the essence of his last conversation as a personal and non-transferable memory.

“I saw Alex Brocca again, whom I met not called Alex Brocca, but Alejandro Iván Gutiérrez Brocca, the day I wanted to see him. Well, it’s one thing to go when there is a camera, when there is a photo camera, when there is a video. And it’s another thing to go when a person wants to tell you something. Well, he was already in his death throes, wasn’t he? But he was able to talk to me. And I’m not going to reveal that very small space to you or anyone,” he commented on that occasion.

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