The tender reaction of Francesco, Morena Rial’s son, when he saw his mother’s pregnant belly

The tender reaction of Francesco, Morena Rial’s son, when he saw his mother’s pregnant belly
The tender reaction of Francesco, Morena Rial’s son, when he saw his mother’s pregnant belly

After the confirmation of her second pregnancy in the hands of Luis Ventura in Afternoon (América), Morena Rial came out against the journalist for revealing personal information about her private life without her consent. Since then, The media tries to stay away from the public eye to enjoy this new stage with her current partner, Matías Olga.

Another of the important people with whom Morena is sharing this special moment is with Francesco, his son in common with the former footballer, Facundo Ambrosioni who lives with the little boy in Córdoba due to the unstable economic situation that Morena faced, which included the theft of 7 cell phones for which he must face an oral trial and the destruction of an apartment located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Belgrano that his father, Jorge Rial He paid for her to live there.

In this sense, Morena traveled to Córdoba where her ex-partner is living with the child to visit him and spend quality time with him. and it was through her social networks that the journalist’s daughter shared the reaction that Francesco had when seeing her pregnant belly.

Through a story on her official Instagram account, the media woman published a short video along with two pink heart emojis in which The little boy could be seen hugging his mother around the waist while she filmed him. Then, The baby approached Morena’s belly to give her a tender kiss and thus demonstrate his happiness. for knowing that he will go from being an only child to an older brother.

Morena Rial’s anger with Luis Ventura for revealing that she is in sweet waiting

“Morena Rial is pregnant. And I dare to say it because in the last few hours I confirmed that her family has also been notified, it is something consistent. It makes me happy,” The journalist had reported in the program hosted by Karina Mazzocco.

For its part, upon finding out about Luis’s attitude, the media exploded with fury during a mobile on ‘Socios del Espectáculo’ (El Trece): “The truth is they confirmed things that they should not have confirmed. Mothers wait a reasonable amount of time to talk about their pregnancy.”

An unfortunate man came to confirm things that he doesn’t have to confirm. There’s no reason for some fast-paced idiot to come and tell things for a minute of fame, because he doesn’t have notes, and drop a bomb. I’m angry. “You don’t have to talk about those things, the family has to confirm it.”Jorge’s daughter shot.

When Ventura found out about Morena’s annoyance towards him for not having respected his privacy at this special moment, the journalist apologized on Mañanísima, the morning series hosted by Carmen Barbieri. “Yes, I missed it, I’m a long-tongue and I admit it”he took responsibility.

“If you got angry, I apologize. I don’t think I’ve committed any sin in all of this. I’m not going to go out and confront someone I love so much. Someone is the age of my oldest children. “I’m not going to confront”he concluded.

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