Why did Pantera and Martha fight?

Why did Pantera and Martha fight?
Why did Pantera and Martha fight?

The competition heats up in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ with the confrontation between Pantera and Martha.

In a tension-filled episode in ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, the confrontation broke out between Pantera and Martha Isabel Bolaños, triggering a confrontation that has shaken all participants. The dispute took place during a highly contested leader test between Sebastián González and Alfredo Redeswhere Martha moved a competing device, allegedly giving an advantage to Sebastian and ensuring his victory.

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Cheating accusations and rising tensions

Martha’s action angered Pantera and other members of the ‘Team Papilla‘, who accused her of cheating in the competition. However, Martha he quickly responded, pointing out that Pantera had also cheated on the help La Segura during the test. This exchange of accusations sparked a heated discussion, with all participants exchanging shouts and insults.

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