58-year-old man, but who looks 20, reveals his secret

58-year-old man, but who looks 20, reveals his secret
58-year-old man, but who looks 20, reveals his secret

In the constant search to find andThe elixir of eternal youthpeople have explored different methods, from cosmetic treatments to diet and lifestyle changes.

However, one story has captured global attention because the secret to looking young regardless of the passing of the years.

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This is the case of Chuando Tan, a 58-year-old photographer from Singapore who defies the laws of aging by looking like he was 20 years old. What is her secret? In several interviews in international media, Tan has shared her secrets with those looking to stay young and healthy.

Tan’s story

Born in 1966, Chuando Tan He is not only known for his talent in photography but also for his striking youthful appearance that has left many perplexed. He began his career as a model in the 1980s and later ventured into music as a pop singer in the 90s. However, it was in photography where she found his true passion and became known to the world.

Going so viral for its incredible appearance, Tan shared details about his lifestyle and habits that could explain his youthful appearance. Tan firmly believes in the premise of “you are what you eat” and maintains that 70% of a person’s health and appearance comes from their diet. Her breakfast is rich in protein, with 6 hard-boiled eggs (2 yolks) accompanied by milk, avocado and red fruits sometimes.

Throughout the day, Tan follows a balanced diet that includes chicken, rice, roasted vegetables and fish soup. Although he admits to having a weakness for ice cream, he limits his consumption to the first half of the day. Avoid coffee and tea, preferring to hydrate with plenty of water. Furthermore, their dinner consists mainly of a fresh vegetable salad.

And the exercise?

So keeps a regular exercise routine, focused on strength training 4 times a week, followed by adapted cardiovascular exercises due to a knee injury. Additionally, he swims daily for about an hour in the pool.

Contrary to some conjectures, Tan does not resort to plastic surgeries, She only uses a facial cleansing gel and moisturizing cream due to her sensitive skin, and opts for hair dyes to cover her gray hair.

So emphasizes the importance of getting enough sleep and maintaining a regular sleep schedule. Avoid going to bed late and stopping eating several hours before bed to ensure a restful night’s sleep. According to him, a good night’s sleep is essential to have energy and be more productive during the day.

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The story of Chuando Tan offers a fascinating look at how a balanced approach to diet, regular exercise and rest Proper care can help maintain a youthful appearance and optimal health. His philosophy of life highlights the importance of taking care of the body from the inside out, demonstrating that youth is not only a matter of genetics, but also of healthy habits and discipline.

More photos of Chuando Tan

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