Journalist Alexis Puig was hospitalized urgently: It got complicated

Journalist Alexis Puig was hospitalized urgently: It got complicated
Journalist Alexis Puig was hospitalized urgently: It got complicated

Through his Instagram stories, the journalist uploaded an image from the hospital bed, in which part of his arm is seen receiving intravenous medication. “Things got complicated. We’re going to fight it anyway,” he wrote about the photo.

In the following story, the journalist uploaded a photo of holding hands with his wife, Luciana Mendezand expressed: “With my superhero holding me back.”

His partner, Luciana, in dialogue with Teleshow, gave details of what happened. “What happened to him is that he had facial paralysis combined with dengue. “We don’t know if dengue somehow caused his paralysis or if there were two events that came together through bad luck,” he counted.

“He came from covering the Platinum Awards. The day he was traveling he became paralyzed but he was already committed to the trip and the doctors saw no problem with him doing it.he added.

Finally, he explained: “It was a trip of a few days and when he got back on the plane he developed a fever. So, as soon as we arrived in Buenos Aires, we went straight to the guard, he tested positive for dengue and he was hospitalized.”

Roxy Vázquez was discharged after being hospitalized again for dengue: “It was a…”

Weekend, Roxy Vazquez She was hospitalized less than a month after being discharged for dengue and, after worrying, she said she returned home to continue her recovery.

“Bye. Thank you for everything. Continue your recovery at home. Happy Easter,” wrote the host of Tempraneros (TN) on Sunday, March 31.

In turn, in dialogue with TN Show, he detailed about his health: “It was a severe viral condition that advanced due to the low defenses left by the disease. I have to recover little by little, eat well, rest, drink plenty of fluids.”

“In two days I will have my platelet count checked again. My body still feels weak and tired, they told me that it is normal, that it is the post-dengue process,” indicated Roxy Vázquez.

Roxy Vázquez_dengue 1.jpg

Roxy Vázquez caused concern for her health

Roxy Vazquez She said that she was hospitalized again less than a month after being discharged for dengue and caused concern.

Through her Instagram stories, the host showed herself from the hospital and wrote: “Dengue part 2. Thanks to my family and friends for being there. Thanks to all my colleagues at the news and the channel for caring and offering their help.”

“Please take care of yourselves, dengue is not a joke”, he concluded. After the uncertainty about her health, Roxy Vázquez spoke with TN Show and clarified: “It is a condition derived from an immune system that was weak after dengue, it is not dengue.”

“I was left with low defenses and something, which I don’t really know what it was, triggered several symptoms again such as spikes of fever, headache and tremors”he detailed.

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