The serious infection for which Marixa Balli’s head had to be sewn shut

The panelist returned to her TV program after suffering severe pain in different areas of the body.

April 23, 2024, 10:48 p.m.

Marixa Balli remembered the ordeal she experienced due to her ear infection (Photo: Capture America)

Last week, Ángel de Brito said that Marixa Balli I wasn’t going to LAM (America) because he had a severe infection in one of your ears.

This Tuesday, finally, the panelist returned to the program and recounted in great detail the ordeal she suffered. “First I had that infection that I thought was a sore throat, because I started with a lot of sore throat and then it got worse. After It covered my entire head and reached the middle of my back and I was hard.“, began.

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“I was in a lot of pain, a big infection… the little ear on the outside was red, explodedand when they started to see me I was very bad,” continued “La Cachaca.”

Marixa Balli returned to LAM (Photo: Capture America)

Rodrigo Bueno’s ex-girlfriend criticized the attention that social work gave her and assured that it was all “very unpleasant.” “I had an extremely bad time. I haven’t felt this bad in years. I had to rest completely I had no stability, I ended up crashing into walls if I wanted to go to the bathroom.… apart from not finding the position, heat,” he recalled.

Furthermore, he explained: “They sewed many parts of my body without anesthesia and my head, which has like three layers of skin. The doctors said ‘what a barbarian who can do it by biting a piece of gas’. I have an ability to endure pain that sometimes I don’t know if what is happening to me is painful or not, but this was something that overcame me.”

My whole head was swollen. On this side it was divine and on this side it seemed like my brain was going to explode,” she added.

Marixa Balli was absent from LAM due to health problems (Photo: Instagram/marixaballi)

Finally, he said that he called his doctor cousins ​​who live in Corrientes and they were the ones who told him what medicine he should inject to mitigate the infection. “There the head began to go down,” he concluded.

Marixa Balli spoke about her cosmetic surgeries and made a blunt clarification: “I never touched my face”

In his last step through Having lunch with Juana (the thirteen), Marixa Balli He reviewed his cosmetic surgeries and clarified: “I never touched my face”. The dancer was invited to a few weeks ago and she did not avoid the questions to the bone of Mirtha Legrand.

“Why are you so young? Do you have any surgery?”the driver asked. To which the interpreter of “La Cachaca” flatly denied: “No, not yet, but I do want to… that is, I think.”

Surprised, La Chiqui highlighted that the artist does not have a single wrinkle. “I never touched my face. Never”Balli clarified. Then, Mirtha asked: “And what did you touch?” “The body”the guest responded and explained that They were all “reductions.”

Marixa Balli reviewed her cosmetic surgeries and clarified: “I never touched my face” (Photo: Captura eltrece)

When I came in 1990, I had not yet had lola surgery, for example, and I was 110 natural. And then I started making reductions because I was not satisfied with so much beauty in such a small body,” he explained.

Seeing everyone at the table tempted, the driver noticed El Polaco and asked him: “Why are you making such a gesture?” “No, because of the questions.” “People are afraid of ‘LAM’, they are afraid of me… you have to be afraid of her,” Yanina Latorre concluded with amusement, pointing out to Mirtha that she assured that all questions must be asked with a smile.

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