What Bárbara Muriel, Jorge Rojas’ lover, does: she was on Netflix and travels the world

Tuesday, April 23, 2024


Jorge Rojas comes from accumulating one scandal after another since the appearance of his lover, Barbara Muriel. The Mendoza model based in the United States has an unbeatable work present but she felt the need to go out and break the silence.

Mainly because Jorge left her, the truth is that she was never able to recover from having lost one of his children. Taking into account that this was in 2018 and the couple had a secret relationship for 20 years, everything happened while the former member of Los Nocheros was married to Valeria Ojeda.

The 37-year-old never stops being on everyone’s lips for her sayings and the singer’s fans place her between eyebrows. Although according to what she said, Ojeda She knew about her husband’s clandestine affair and at no time did she oppose it with the only condition that it not come to light.

In 2015 he decided to try his luck in the United States and from that moment on he did not stop traveling the world. Barbara He had an extensive tour of different places and trained to work in the best places, such as Netflix.

Notable for being a television host and host on social networks, Muriel integrated luxury projects such as Latin Angels” on Sierraalta TV and “Sexy Miami”, which was broadcast on the recently mentioned digital platform.

In 2023 she was working as an interviewer for the Latin Grammy Awards in Spain. For Bárbara it was a unique opportunity in her life and she was able to have the pleasure of speaking with Argentine stars of the caliber of Maria Becerra, The Joaqui and Nathy Peluso.

In this way, it is clear that the lover of Jorge Rojas She is an independent woman who does not need the singer’s money. Unlike many who accused her of wanting to get financial gain from all this, she always needed to tell the truth about herself.

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