“A show”: Botota provokes a fierce discussion with Oriana Marzoli

Botota Fox tried to “show” Oriana Marzoli’s accident in the competition and sparked a big discussion that involved Pangal Andrade. All the details here!

After the first team competition in Win or Serve, the “Sovereigns” were left with the victory in the competition. When talking to the animators, Botota and Oriana Marzoli They were involved in an intense discussion.

Win or Serve: Botota vs. Oriana Marzoli

When they gave him the floor, the captain of the winning team, Pangal, took advantage of the opportunity to make an accusation against Botota because the transformer doubted Botota’s injury. Oriana.

Pangal Andrade calls Botota’s attention in Win or Serve

“You can’t make fun of the Oriana, that is not done. She almost took her finger off,” argued the athlete, while Botota defended himself by saying that it was a show by the Spanish woman.

Botota says Oriana’s accident was a show

“How am I going to invent something like that? I am not one of those who invent things, saying that is a bad loser (…) In my life I have done shows because I am a good competitor. If you don’t know how to lose and you itch, you scratch. Learn,” she replied, for her part, Oriana Marzoli.

Oriana got angry
Oriana got angry

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Watch the full moment in the video!

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