Daniela Aránguiz responds without filter to Maite Orsini’s complaint – Publimetro Chile

Daniela Aránguiz responds without filter to Maite Orsini’s complaint – Publimetro Chile
Daniela Aránguiz responds without filter to Maite Orsini’s complaint – Publimetro Chile

In the midst of the legal controversy that arose after Maite Orsini filed a complaint for insults and slander against Daniela Aránguiz, the latter responded in a recent edition of the TV+ program Sígueme, where she debuted as a panelist a couple of weeks ago. “I am terribly slangy”he claimed.

It was last Friday that a complaint filed by parliamentarian Maite Orsini was announced, who in a 73-page complaint details the alleged bullying and harassment which he says he experienced from Jorge Valdivia’s ex-wife.

In that sense, the former Mekano wanted to respond to the accusation, however, she explained that by order of her lawyer, she could not refer casually to the legal fact.

Regarding the complaint against him, Aránguiz made it clear that he will not tolerate his minor children being involved in the media conflict. “I don’t want even the word children to be mentioned in any media, because my children are minors”he warned, adding that “If she exposed them, she will have to pay the consequences, but I do not authorize any media to talk about any issue that involves my children.”.

In that sense, the Sígueme panelist firmly defended her words: “There are no insults, there are no slanders here. I am foul-mouthed but terrible. When they touch what I love most, I’m going to defend it tooth and nail. And I don’t regret a single word or email I’ve written.”.

When referring to the emails in question, Aránguiz explained that They were all sent to her ex-husband, Jorge Valdivia, not to Orsini. “I don’t have that lady’s email and I have never sent her an email.”, he assured. However, she acknowledged having had conversations with Orsini through WhatsApp at the time she found out about her husband’s infidelity with the deputy.

Valdivia’s ex-wife also claimed to have evidence to support her statements. “I know I am 100% sure that everything I have said is the truth, because I have proof,” she said. “When I say something, I always have the person who says it to me recorded. Always,” she declared.

Finally, Aránguiz suggested that Orsini’s complaint could be a reaction to other emails sent. “The last thing I’m going to say, I think this is a fit of tantrum over some emails that I will soon show you, that I sent to Jorge and after those emails and it being known that I was single, this happens,” she concluded. .

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