Carla Giraldo revealed why she ended up in a relationship with another woman

Carla Giraldo revealed why she ended up in a relationship with another woman
Carla Giraldo revealed why she ended up in a relationship with another woman

Carla Giraldo surprised with the recent revelations she made about her past in love relationships – credit @carlagiraldo/Instagram

Although Carla Giraldo has been a woman who has always had something to talk about in the world of entertainment, for a few months now she has been in the focus of the media and social networks for her participation in reality from the RCN Channel.

After his presence on the cooking show Celebrity on the same channel, the woman had rested from the cameras and reflectors until this year when she became a topic of conversation again due to her new professional role as a presenter and also due to the enormous physical change with which she arrived on television again.

The actress, before starting her new job, She had cosmetic surgery with which she lost weight, since she was 95 kilos and ended up at 45 kilos.

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Carla Giraldo, after winning MasterChef Celebrity 2021, had surgery and recovered her figure – credit Instagram Carla Giraldo and Canal RCN

However, in recent hours it has been a trend because in an interview he dusted off a dark chapter of his life and exposed it to the media for the first time. In the midst of the boom in which she is and the program in which she appears every day, Giraldo spoke with El Tiempo and uncovered one of the hardest stages that she has had to go through.

Carla Giraldo revealed that she was a victim of physical and psychological abuse at the hands of a former romantic partner who attacked her. “He was called ‘Eduardo’“We had a tough, tense and ugly courtship, until I decided to run away,” the woman confessed.

Likewise, he took the opportunity to confess that, at the time, he was surprised by how unempathetic people and his environment were at that stage of his visa, since most people were scandalized because after that relationship he made the decision to get involved romantically. With a woman.

“What happens is that here people were not used to talking about the LGBTI community. I think I opened a path for many people who had not dared to do so in the middle. She was 20 years old. She came from a tough relationship, and Natalia appeared [Arroyave]. […] When I decided to be with Natalia, people were scandalized. And I said: ‘But what are they scandalized about?’ What were they scandalized about? That I had a girlfriend and that she was someone who loved me? Why weren’t they shocked that someone hit me and that I arrived at the canal with bruises and no one asked anything?’ That’s when you say what country we live in: a society where love is abnormal and abuse is somewhat normalized,” Carla Giraldo said in the interview.

Carla Giraldo and Natalia Arroyave were a couple for more than two years – credit social networks

According to Carla’s statements, after having suffered the consequences of abuse, Natalia Arroyave appeared and with her good treatment and love made her fall in love, which is why she decided to be with her, above all things.

She treated me well and was very respectful and loving, with a divine family; a family that I was not used to seeing because I came from a very dysfunctional family. I fell in love with her and gave myself a chance at life with her. We were there for two and a half years,” confessed the presenter.

This relationship was a new beginning for Giraldo, since the worst relationship of his life cost him several years of psychological recovery.

“He always said that I was to blame. Sometimes, when they say to report the aggressor, they don’t know what you are experiencing. It’s not that easy. Women who have suffered this type of aggression at some point end up saying that it is our fault because we have been psychologically affected.. “You need a lot of support for years to get out of a world in which you are trapped,” explained the presenter of The house of the famous Colombia.

As expected, Carla Giraldo’s statements moved several followers and Internet users, who did not hesitate to send her words of encouragement and support for her bravery and strength, since the actress has never stopped appearing happy and powerful.

“You are strong”, “You are a warrior and a woman to admire”, “Carla, you are a great resilient woman”, “No one knows the scars of others”, are some of the most relevant.

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