Pamela Díaz confirms that there were expulsions in Win or Serve?

Last weekend rumors began to spread about winner’s entry Brave LandFabio Agostini, to Win or Serve? And it seems, His arrival immediately generated conflicts with Luis Mateucci, even leading to blows..

This episode would have been caused because, supposedly, The Spanish model spat in Mateucci’s faceaccording to reports.

The situation generated a discussion that would have come to blows because the Argentine model -finalist of Brave Land– would have been even more upset when Agostini told him that “he had had good vibes with Daniela Aránguiz these last few days”according to Infama.

Everything indicates that this situation did occur. This, following statements by Pamela Díaz on FM Dos on the Agostini Pass by Win or Serve?

The “beast” was consulted regarding the sanction that the Spaniard would have had for what happened, insinuating that there would have been a alleged favoritism towards Luis Mateucci because Both would have done similar things, but only Agostini received a sanction.

“I was with him (Fabio Agostini) today and the same yesterday. It seems unfair to meI think that each channel is obviously governed by a contract, editorial line and it seems that “If someone spits on a Nutella and you eat it, I imagine it must be the same fine as someone who does it on your face.”Díaz told FM Dos.

“Obviously both horrible, but they never stuck to combos, nothing ever happened. It seems to me that the fine is quite highmy dear friend will have to say that later, I can’t get into their legal issues.. I would love for him to come back, I think that in those three, four days he was there, I can’t tell you anything, but the shit was left, everything happened“, revealed Pamela Díaz.

@fmdosfmdos This is what #PamelaDíaz said about the resignation of her friend, #FabioAgostini in the reality show #GanaroServir
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