Matilda Blanco gave details of her fleeting romance with Matías Alé: “I had a fetish”

Matilda Blanco gave details of her fleeting romance with Matías Alé: “I had a fetish”
Matilda Blanco gave details of her fleeting romance with Matías Alé: “I had a fetish”

The fashion expert told the little angels about her bond with the performer (Video: LAM – América TV)

Matilda Blanco He did not deprive himself of anything and He acknowledged in great detail the fleeting relationship he had with Matías Ale. In the spotlight of the cameras, the fashion critic recounted the meetings she had with the actor. In the midst of a story full of jealousy and adrenaline, she even assured that this led her to make enemies along the way, among them Graciela Alfano.

This Tuesday night on the floor of THE M (América TV), the panelist let out her tongue after Angel de Brito mentioned that in his cycle there were “unbearable” people. This gave rise to the style coach to refer to the ex-vedette, whose enmity arose through the media. “Did you eat Matías Alé?” The driver expressed without filter and shouting, in response to the disbelief of his confession.

Was a touch and go”, he clarified to the surprise of those present on the panel. “He was good, good performance. He said that I had made him very nervous because I talked about his clothes, I started touching him and he liked it, and in that program they started to sit me alone with him. We went to eat something from the canal and from there to his house.“, he continued when asked about how the first approach with the actor occurred, of which he assured that “we do not talk about love, neither of us.”

Although the stylist confessed that she tried to keep a low profile during her relationship with Alé, the truth is that It didn’t take long for it to spread in the field of entertainment. “He was in the Dancing and it was very crazy because no one knew. But One day he comes back from the program and sits at a restaurant table., I was with a friend. And I see them going down the stairs Marcelo Tinelli, Chato Prada. “Everyone saw me there,” Matilda commented. “It was at a sushi place, I remember, I still ate meat and good meat.. The next day the whole world found out,” the panelist added mischievously. “So, did you consider it good meat?” he asked. Fernanda Iglesiaslaughing, who received an affirmative response and a rating of 8 points from the redhead.

The fashion expert acknowledged that she had a fiery romance with the actor (LAM – América TV)

Regarding the moments they spent together, Matilda acknowledged: “We had a great time, we went on a trip. He, on the one hand, and me on the other, and after working with the team, he told me: ‘at midnight, leave the hotel doors open for me.’” Furthermore, she confessed that their relationship took place when Matías was single: “I was with him after Escudero, I don’t understand why Alfano’s hatred is so staunch. There were a few, but always one at a time, I was never involved in anything else.”

Maintaining that line, Balli had acknowledged that Graciela “was very jealous of Matías. She even revealed that the first time they met she had an instant crush, since she sent him to interview the former model and she never returned from the hotel where she was staying. “She stayed there, she didn’t come back from there,” the little angel recalled.

On the other hand, the image consultant did not hesitate to make it known that her ex-partner had a particular fixation. “He has a foot fetish and not many people know that. She looked at her feet and told me that she loved ballerina feet. She was looking at her feet.“, said Blanco, who added that in their first meeting he took off his shoes and made endless poses. “I’m distant, but I liked him. I liked him, he seemed like a nice guy, a buyer,” the panelist concluded when asked about what made her formalize with the actor at that time.

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