‘It is a lack of respect’

‘It is a lack of respect’
‘It is a lack of respect’

In the middle of a dynamic on the YouTube channel ‘The most requested podcast’, the Mexican Aleks Syntek had to choose between seven albums by different artists that he would keep, but one of them could be thrown down the toilet.

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Among the productions was ‘Tomorrow will be nice’ by Karol G, which was chosen by the singer to flush down the toilet: “Notice that it doesn’t fit me, because I don’t identify with the songs. I know that she is loved by the entire community of kids today. But they will have to understand that this is not for someone my age.”

Ozuna defended Karol G from Aleks Syntek’s criticism

One of the most recognized urban artists is Ozuna, who is about to tour Mexico, expressed his dissatisfaction with Aleks Syntek’s action, since she has had various recognitions that have taken the genre to other places in the world.

In an interview with the ‘Imagen Televisión’ channel, the Puerto Rican was asked what he thought about what happened with the ‘bichota’ album: “I respect the opinion of each of the artists, What I do feel is disrespectful is taking Karol G’s album and throwing it where he put it.”.

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He highlighted that this type of music deserved more recognition from other genres: “I think our genre deserves respect, A woman, a lady, who has taken our genre above many artists and has been a collaborator deserves respect.“said the Puerto Rican.

Then, he reiterated that the achievements that Karol G has obtained should be recognized: “Just because you don’t like her music doesn’t mean I don’t support or don’t want what she has done to happen. I respect your opinion, if you don’t like reggaeton, you don’t have to like it, but you have to respect what we do,” he concluded his message to Syntek.

Given the controversy that arose on social networks due to Aleks Syntek’s position, the paisa has not published any statement nor has she spoken on her social networks regarding the issue. It should be noted that his tour ‘Tomorrow will be beautiful Tour’ continues and is focused on his presentations.

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