revealed what his Argentine passions are

revealed what his Argentine passions are
Ryan Gosling revealed what his Argentine passions are

Written in INTERNATIONAL he 5/1/2024 · 7:00 p.m.

gave an interview to TN and talked about the Argentine passions that he still remembers. The famous actor recalled with joy his visit to Buenos Aires and highlighted what he liked the most.

The American artist confided in Cecilia Martí that he remembered our country with great joy and highlighted the local gastronomy. About this she gave details about the dishes that she liked the most.

Before starting the interview, Ryan Gosling asked the journalist if a famous Argentine ice cream chain still existed. “Do you know her?” she asked him with surprise. “Yes, I always think about that. It’s the best ice cream,” he said with complete sympathy.

Furthermore, the actor highlighted that during his time in Argentina he fell in love with Argentine croissants. He highlighted the spongy dough and stressed that they can be obtained at any time.

In another interview with GQ, the actor spoke about the importance of stunt doubles: “When your double comes to the set and takes all those hits for you. They take more risks than anyone else. They have amazing skills, but at the same time They hide their faces. They want to be unknown, which adds a very strange component to everything, right? I have the feeling that I have been investigating this fascination for several years and several roles, as if scratching the surface, but that this time I have done it. finally achieved.”

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