Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder reunite after ‘The Curse’ in a chess thriller

A24 little by little it is establishing itself as a leading competitor in Hollywood. This independent studio has not stopped gaining notoriety in recent years, and at some point it does not rule out getting involved in high-profile franchises (it is going to finance Hideo Kojima the movie of Death Stranding) while launching large-scale works such as Civil War of Alex Garlandwhich is doing quite well at the US box office. We have had one last proof of how grown A24 is, of its ambition to be a major more, during the struggle to acquire a very attractive project, which is reported Hollywood Reporter.

A24 is going to produce Checkmate, having imposed itself on much larger scale companies such as Amazon, Netflix and Manzana. This has been decided after a devastating bid where Amazon proposed Ron Howard as a director while Netflix and Apple were testing Taron Egerton as the protagonist, prospering the A24 option: Checkmate will take shape in A24 with the production of Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder. Exactly, the protagonists of the series The Cursewhich issued showtime recently. Stone will also produce alongside her husband and partner. Dave McCary.

They both lead the label Fruit Treeand the alliance with Fielder and A24 does not come out of nowhere after this same study promoted The Curse. The movement has had a special impetus because Stone’s career is at a high point, after winning his second oscar by poor creatures and getting ready to release a new film directed by Yorgos Lanthimos this June 28th, Kinds of Kindness. With Fielder, an unclassifiable comedian who before The Curse shone with Nathan for you and The essaysyou must also feel a great professional affinity.

But what is it about? Checkmate? Well, it is a proposal for a novel at the hands of Ben Mezrich which is now waiting to be turned into a script. Mezrich is best known for having written the books of The social network and Blow to Wall Street before their stories jumped to the cinema, specialized in dramatizing shocking true stories. In the case of Checkmate (which it is not clear that Stone and Fielder will star in) focuses on a great scandal in the history of professional chess, according to a game between Magnus Carlsen and Hans Niemann where the latter cheated.

From then on, Checkmate would address the changes in the chess industry and the “collision of tradition and innovation”slipstreaming from the attraction that this sport found with Queen’s Gambit. Whatever happens with this project, what has surprised analysts the most is A24’s attitude when it comes to prevailing over much more powerful studios. “I have never seen A24 do something like this”assures a source.

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